2 hurt in separate family stabbing, hacking incidents

Two individuals landed in the hospital, one of them still in critical condition, after they figured in separate hacking and stabbing incidents against family members in the towns of Dagohoy and Anteuqera on Sunday.

Police identified the victims as Mijun Catubig, 19, of Barangay San Miguel in Dagohoy and Braulio Naraiso, 68, of Barangay Danicop, Antequera.

Catubig and Naraiso were stabbed and hacked by their sister and son, respectively. Both suspects were arrested by police.


According to SPO2 Abundio Jumamoy, Jr., Catubig was stabbed by his sister, Lorena Catubig, 21, with a butterfly knife after he punched her in the face inside their home.

“Kay kaning biktima trabahante ni sa Panglao unya mag-ulian kada weekend, mao tong sayo daw sa buntag giboyboy kono ning iyang igsoon nga way trabaho unya ingnan og tomboy, mao tong nagkalalis unya gisumbag daw ning suspek ika duha, na igo og ka usa. Unya kaning suspek kay magdaladala man diay ug batangas mao tong nadunggaban sa tiyan ang bitkima,” said Jumamoy based on their initial probe.

Mijun remained in critical condition while Lorena was released from police custody as no charges were filed against her within the reglementary period.

However, Jumamoy said that the family or the victim himself could still file a case against the suspect.

On the same day, police arrested Dandi Naraiso, 33, after he allegedly hacked his father Braulio with a bolo.

“Mura’g namoyboy kono tong amahan sa iyang anak kay wa konoy bugas, ana bah, unya mao siguro tong sa sige og yawyaw ang biktima wa na pod ka pugong ang anak mao tong natigbasan, na igo sa iyang paa, wa naman pod tiwasi ka usa raman pod,” said PO3 Virgil Torcula of the Antequera Police Station.

According to Torcula, Braulio was rushed to a hospital as Dandi was arrested by responding officers.

Dandi remained in police custody while his father continued to be treated for his injury. (A. Doydora)

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