Evasco dares Damalerio: show ‘clearance’ on drugs

Gubernatorial candidate LeoncioEvasco has challenged Bohol provincial administrator Alfonso Damalerio II to give media copies of the supposed clearance of alleged links to illegal drugs.

“Why only wave the supposed clearance before journalists? Why are you not proud to give copies to media? Nganongmagwarawaralangogpapel? Kay hadlokmabuking (you fear exposure), Evasco said.

“Damalerio has actually no clearance. He is engaging in fake news,” said Evasco who province mates describe as TinuodBol-anon.


Evasco had earlier accused Damalerio and the administration of Gov. Edgar Chatto as behind the proliferation of drugs in Bohol.

Damalerio is allegedly included in the drug list of President Rodrigo Duterte.

However, Damalerio denied the accusations saying he was cleared by authorities.

He also dared Evasco to have his residence raided. But if no evidence can be produced by February 28, he will hang the former Cabinet secretary to a flagpole.

The deadline passed, Damalerio’s threat to hang Evasco remained mere talk.

Before hundreds of supporters, Evasco tied an abaca rope around his neck with the other end held by Evasco’s running mate Atty. Tommy Abapo to mock Damalerio.

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