Yap: ‘Stop fake news, I am not backing out’

Deputy Speaker Arthur Yap challenged his political opponents to present some platforms of government or accomplishments, instead of spreading fake news.

Definitely, the malicious information spread by leaders of his opponent stating that he is withdrawing his candidacy is fake news, as he pointed out that he runs to win and not to lose.

Another round of such fake news has been pumped again to the media and to the towns in the effort to deceive the people that his rival is the only one left to proceed to the gubernatorial race.


This was categorically debunked by Yap’s leaders who said a candidate with clear direction in his platform and who has long been declared the “People’s Choice” in his district like Yap cannot just back out from the gubernatorial race.

Yap, for his part, pointed out that he cannot just turn his back to Bohol that has accepted him and to his constituents in the third district who have supported him all the way to his third term as their representative to Congress.

He said he has been invited by many sectors and organizations even in the second and first districts in his capacity as deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and he was touched by their warm welcome.

As to the below-the-belt attacks from the other camp, Yap said he prefers not to engage with them because he is surrounded by people who love him and he grew up being loved by his parents and he could not imagine where such hatred of the attackers emanated.

“Busa sa akong pangutana sa mga taw nga kusog modumot, sa mga taw nga daghan og kaligotgot sa ilang mga dughan, sa mga taw nga masuk-anon kanunay, were you not loved? Were you not hugged by your mother? Spread Love not hate.

Yap pointed out that the electorate deserve respect and such respect can be manifested by giving them the right information, correct information, accurate information and not by deceiving them into believing a scenario.

He said fake news and false information will only deprive the people of reliable and valid basis for their decisions.

Fake news and false accusations will only direct the people into believing something that is non-existent such as the malicious information that he is withdrawing from the gubernatorial race because the meat of such information never existed except in the imagination of one who intends to benefit from its effect if he succeeds.

On this, Yap calls on the people not to fall prey to fake news, because they would only glorify the liars at the expense of their right to accurate information.

Preserve that capacity to discern, because Boholanos are intelligent and should not allow any false information to dissolve their hold of the truth, he added.

Yap said he will defend the Boholanos from the malicious intention of some people to exploit their minds through fake news.

He said he cannot fathom to see the people of Bohol being governed by people who espouse fake news and he would be there to serve the people of Bohol.

Yap said he will join the people of Bohol to the finish line to preserve the Boholano culture of camaraderie, peace and love.

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