Three-hour grass fire hits Duero

Video: courtesy of Flor Yama

A three-hour grass fire engulfed a lot behind the town’s cemetery on Thursday morning amid the onslaught of the El Niño phenomenon which has started to grip more provinces and cities.

Authorities believe that the fire erupted due to hot and dry weather conditions.


According to PO1 Mark Kiamko of the Duero Police Station, the fire started at 10 a.m. and was decalred under control by fire authorities at 1 p.m.

Firefighters from the towns of Jagna and Guindulman were also deployed to put out the fire.

Authorities have yet to get the exact measurement of the land that was affected by the fire but Kiamco said that blaze largely damaged the vacant back segment of the cemetery.

No one was injured and no structure was damaged due to the fire, Kiamko added.

Investigators have initially indicated that the hot weather conditions caused wilted cogon grass to catch fire.

Fire authorities investigated the area and have so far not found any indications of foul play behind the blaze. (AD)

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