“Padayon” bets lead survey

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“Padayon” bets lead survey

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With the campaign period barely 11 days away, the first wave of a province-wide survey showed candidates under the Padayon Bol-anon bandwagon leading with remarkable percentages enough to pose a call for the challengers to double time their efforts in trying to win the support of the Boholano electorates.

Gubernatorial bet, last termer Rep. Art Yap led over resigned Cabinet Sec. Jun Evasco by 18 percent in a survey conducted by the Center for Research and Publications of Holy Name University from Feb. 12 to March 6 this year.

Yap pooled 53% against Evasco’s 35%. 

Other gubernatorial bets Hercules Castillo and Roberto Reyes got 2% and Concepcion Flores, 1%


Last termer Gov, Edgar Chatto who is running for congressman in the first district pooled a high percentage of 86% against former Mayor Dan Lim who got 14% only.  In Tagbilaran where Lim served as city mayor for nine years, Lim got a minimal support of 17% against Chatto’s 76%

In the city, re-electionist Mayor Baba Yap pooled 90% against his aunt, Dr. Sharleen Lim who got 6%.  Re-electionist Vice Mayor Toto Veloso got 78% against Brgy. Captain Arlene Karaan with 13%.

The HNU survey did not include the second congressional district where re-electionist Rep. Aris Aumentado is forecast by political quarters to be a sure winner against Board Member Aga Avenido,

Ironically, the third district survey showed Yap’s protegee, retired Judge Caloy Fernando as last in the survey with 5%.

The three other congressional bets in the 3rd district had a statistical tie: Board Member Alexie Tutor, 33%; Vice Gov. Dionisio Balite, 30%, and former Carmen Mayor Cheche delos Reyes, 21%.



Yap’s support was generated most from the second and third districts. 

He got 57% in the second district which was supposed to be the bailiwick of Evasco with re-electionist Rep. Aris Aumentado campaigning hard for him. But, Evasco pooled only 30%.

In Yap’s district, he led garnering 56% against Evasco’s 29%.  In Tagbilaran City, Yap also led at 51% against Evasco’s 39%

The two gubernatorial bets had a statistical tie in the over-all results in the towns of the first district with Evasco garnering 47% against Yap’s 44% (margin of error at +/-7) .


Yap’s lead was most remarkable from the young voters aged 18-24 where he got 72% against Evasco’s 18%. Political observers noted Evasco’s senior age may not have appealed to  the young voters.

Evasco  got higher percentage of 59% for voters under Class ABC against Yap’s 35%.



The vice gubernatorial race was not included in the Feb-March HNU survey.

However, a privately commissioned survey conducted Dec 22-Jan 25 showed the last termer Rep. Rene Relampagos garnering 73% while rival Board Member Tommy Abapo pooled 22%

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