‘Fake’ lawyer nabbed for drugs in Panglao

As if pretending to be a lawyer was not bad enough, a man allegedly yielded two sachets of shabu inside the Panglao Police Station while trying to convince his client and the authorities that he was qualified to practice law.

In a report, police said that Frank Joseph Abad, 51, of Lahug in Cebu City was arrested for usurpation of authority after authorities found no proof that he was a real lawyer as he claimed to represent a male client, a foreign national, who was in a domestic dispute with his wife.


Abad was already paid for his services by his client who police did not identify.

“Mi-anhi siya sa station [Abad] aron magpa-aron ingnon na siya maoy abogado agtong foreigner na kliente, naa may problema ning foreigner ug iyang asawa, unya siya maoy mura’g hing abogado. Ga-duda man g’yud na di siya abogado tungod sa iyang mga unusual na behavior diri. Sige’g panilap, sige’g tun og laway mao amo siyang gipangayuan na proof na tinuod abogado siya, wa man siya’y ikahatag mao tong, gipangayaun siya’g ID sa court pero daghan siya’g pasumangil,” said PO3 Armad Akil of the Panglao Police Station.

Police then placed Abad under their custody and later found in his possession two sachets of suspected shabu.

“Ingon siya na ‘ayaw mo kaguol kay officer ko sa court sa Cebu.’ Pero kadugayan gi-verify namo sa mga listahan sa abogado sa Supreme Court, wa man g’yud iyang ngan mao gidakop nalang namo og usurpation. Pagdakop na, pagkapkap niya nakuhaan pa g’yud siya og duha ka putos na shabu,” said Akil.

Abad is also set to be charged with possession of illegal drugs while the foreign national is also expected to file separate cases against him.

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