Man survives gun attack by neighbor in Tagbilaran

A 41-year-old man survived a gun attack carried out by an irate neighbor on Monday afternoon.

The victim, Rosalindo Oliverio of Barangay Taloto in Tagbilaran City was shot multiple times by his neighbor, Rosalito Pizon, 51, with an improvised shotgun, locally known as “sumpak.”

Based on initial police investigation, the two men figured in a heated argument prior to the shooting.


Police said that Oliverio supposedly went to the house of Pizon to make amends, but the latter however saw this as an act of aggression.

Pizon then allegedly shot Oliverio eight times in the back.

Oliverio was rushed to the Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital. He was treated for his injuries but was already in stable condition.

Meanwhile, operatives of the Tagbilaran City Special Weapons and Tactics arrested Pizon.

Pizon peacefully surrendered and gave to police the improvised gun loaded with a 12-guage shotgun shell, police said.

He is now detained at the Tagbilaran City lock-up jail pending the filing of a frustrated murder charge against him. (wm)

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