Better judiciary can best solve drug problem

There is a need to cleanse the judicial system if the Filipinos would like to see an improved effect in the campaign against drugs in the country.

This was articulated by lawyer Chel Diokno, a senatorial candidate during his courtesy call to Bishop Alberto Uy at the Bishop’s Palace yesterday morning prior his flight back to Manila.

Diokno said that public perception points to the judiciary as having a double standard justice wherein only the ordinary persons are getting jailed and killed while those prominent personalities involved in the drugs remain active in the illegal drug trade.


A recent radio survey conducted by top-rated “Inyong Alagad” program showed 92% of the respondents saying that drug protectors remain to be the prime reason why the drug problem could not be stopped despite the relentless campaign of the Duterte administration.

The human rights lawyer said that the judicial system is the last recourse to concur a fair judgement on those alleged to be linked in the drug trade while he denounced the continued extra judicial killings happening in many parts of the country.

He described these killings as prejudging the suspects without giving them their day in court.

“It is sad to note that because of rampant EJK, it has become so ordinary that people no longer mind it already, both those reported in the media and those not reported but is heard and confirmed by residents who have personal accounts on how these supposedly drug suspects are being killed,”  Diokno elaborated.

Diokno appealed to the electorate to make use of their votes in the May 13 polls by voting those whom they think could help “restore justice” in the country.

“Injustice is a product of a nation where fear and intimidation prevail,” he said. 

The 58-year old founding dean of La Salle University College of Law is known in the social media as “Woke Lolo,” a name coined by the youths who welcomed the credible views of someone more in the senior age.

He said that amidst the present situation, the youths are in search for some elders as their role models. 

Lawyer Diokno, son of the late Senator Jose W. Diokno breezed into town last Friday together with Vice Pres. Leni Robredo, Rep. Gary Alejano and Rep. Makalintal of Otso Deretso.

Diokno and Alejano  were interviewed by “Inyong Alagad” of dyRD anchored by Chito Visarra.

The late Sen. Diokno was the Justice secretary during the term of then Pres. Diosdado Macapagal. He was dismissed, however, after he launched an investigation into American businessman Harry Stonehill, and uncovered corruption in high levels of government.


Atty. Diokno known as “Woke Lolo” noticed in the social media and in his countryside visits that the youth is now starting to “wake up.”

The nation is waking up from its slumber, and our youth are leading the way, he said.

The lawyer cited five grade 12 students just put their elders to shame by calling out President Duterte for not respecting the rights of others. 

In a letter published in a major daily, they said: “As you are looked up to as a role model of our country, we believe that respecting these rights should go both ways….Your generalizations and comments regarding the leaders of our religion make your position as President questionable.” Kudos to Isabelle, Maria, Liandre, Arianne and Diane for telling it like it is: may your kind thrive and multiply!

He quoted Nicole Aliasas, then 22 years old, who singlehandedly protested the burial of Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Interviewed by a journalist, she said: “I am mad because we allowed Marcos to be buried in this sacred ground intended for honorable men.” “I feel for all the torture victims of Martial Law,” she added, “even if I am not directly related to them. They [fought for] our freedom.”

“Hats off to you, Nicole, your woke-ness is contagious,” Diokno concluded


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