Man, woman fall in Tagbilaran drug bust

Two drug offenders, a man and a woman, who were recently released from jail after entering plea bargain deals, were again arrested by police for alleged sale of illegal drugs in Tagbilaran City.

Police said that the buy-bust operation set up against Donna Bell Blanco, 40, of Barangay Mansasa in Tagbilaran City on Monday night yielded shabu worth P95,000.


According to authorities, Blanco transacted with the police poseur-buyer but it was her associate, Rommel Arcamo, who handed over the shabu.

Operatives then allegedly found more packets of shabu in their possession following their arrests.

Both suspects were previously arrested for drug charges but entered plea bargaining deals, meaning they pleaded guilty to a lesser offense with the consent of the prosecutor.

Based on guidelines issued by the high court, suspects charged with violation of Section 11 of RA 9165, or possession of dangerous drugs, can plea bargain to a violation of Section 12, or possession of drug paraphernalia.

The amount of drugs seized from the suspects for shabu, opium, morphine, heroin and cocaine need to be less than five grams and less than 300 grams for marijuana for them to avail of the plea deal.

However, both Blanco and Arcamo are no longer eligible to enter a plea bargaining agreement as they are set to be charged with both possession and sale of illegal drugs.

Those charged with violation of Section 5 of RA 9165 which penalizes sale, trading, administration, dispensation, delivery, distribution and transportation of all kinds of dangerous drugs are prohibited from entering a plea deal. (wm)

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