5 arrested in weekend anti-drug ops

(L-R) Julian Bongcas, Kenni Premacio, Marnie Aparece, Jepthe Premacio, and Jundel Hamtig, were arrested in separate drug buy-bust operations in Inabanga, Loay and Valencia over the weekend.

Five individuals were arrested in separate anti-drug operations over the weekend as part of the police’s continued intensified drive against narcotics trade even amid the Holy Week.

Police identified the alleged drug personalities as Marnie Aparece, 20; Kenni Premacio, 19; Jepthe Premacio, 19; Julian Bongcas, 40; and Jundel Hamtig, 31.


They were arrested in three drug buy-bust operations carried out in Inabanga, Loay and Valencia, based on police reports.

According to authorities, Aparece was spotted selling illegal drugs in the island of Cuaming in Inabanga on Sunday morning prompting police to set the sting operation against him.

Aparece allegedly sold shabu to a police poseur-buyer leading to his immediate arrest.

Alleged drug users and buyers of Aparece, Kenni and Jepthe, were also arrested and were caught in possession of shabu.

In Loay, police arrested Boncgas near the Alegria Sur Cockpit Arena after he was allegedly caught red-handed selling shabu worth P500 to an undercover cop.

Police said that they found shabu worth P35,600 in Bongcas’ possession.

Bongcas, a drug offender, was recently released from prison after entering a plea bargaining deal.

Hamting, a newly identified alleged drug dealer, was arrested in Valencia.

He was apprehended by police also through a drug buy-bust operation on Friday in Barangay Canmanico.

Hamting, Bongcas and Aparece are set to be charged with sale and possession of illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, Kenni and Jepthe will be facing cases for possession of illegal drugs. (wm)

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