Here’s why ‘Wow cool post, thanks for sharing’ is flooding Facebook comment sections

Wondering why Facebook pages have recently been bombarded by netizens with comments “thanking” them for sharing content?

The new trend of posting, “Wow cool post, thanks for sharing,” paired with a random emoji, was reportedly started by alt-right groups on international gaming website IGN’s Facebook page, after the site allegedly started posting content favoring liberal ideologies in the US.

However, the purposeful move was later copied seemingly by those unaware about the trend’s origin and cause.


The posting of the phrase eventually became viral, even reaching the Facebook page of The Bohol Chronicle.

Meanwhile, website suggested that spammers spreading these kind of comments intend to eventually earn a Top Fan badge on a Facebook page.

“The Top Fan title is given only by Facebook to those who are active followers who leaves comments, likes or reactions to the page,” said.

For Facebook pages, the phrase can be blocked in the Page Moderation section by inputting keywords that will be banned from appearing in the comment section.


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