No failure of elections, let Bohol heal —Yap

Pundok Padayon Bol-anon stands pat on the integrity of the elections.

There was, in fact, high voting turnout at 82 percent to 90 percent per town.

“There is no failure of elections. People came out in record numbers to manifest their will so we must not frustrate their choice,” Deputy Speaker Arthur Yap, Padayon’s gubernatorial bet, said.


Yap pointed out that “filing a petition to have the elections declared a failure is but a strategy to subvert the people’s choice”.

Now that Yap has already been proclaimed governor-elect, he said it is now time to heal Bohol.

“Heal us in the coming days from division and vindictiveness,” Yap said in the prayer he shares with the people.

Yap also aspires that the people’s hearts may open to forgiveness and tolerance. 

“Bless the administration of all our local officials who won in the elections: that their governance will be one of tolerance, forgiveness and achievements…. knowing fully well, that we are all but temporary travelers in this mortal life,” Yap’s further said in a prayer.

Yap hopes that Bohol shall heal and that the people “may not forget that one day life ends for all of us”.

Yap shared “that we are merely stewards of the world around us for generations unborn, and our common yearning is to one day go back home to the Lord”.

Upon his victory in the toughest gubernatorial race in Bohol history, Yap assures to remain humble and to “better hear the cries of others”.

“Let me walk slowly not because I am weak, but to better wonder at your majestic works. Let my eyes strain not because I cannot see, but I seek to find those who need me,” Yap included in his prayer for Bohol.


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