‘Notorious’ Cebu City fugitive shot dead in Getafe

A fugitive with multiple pending cases including murder, sale of illegal drugs and homicide was shot dead during a manhunt operation against him in the island-barangay of Banacon in Getafe on Saturday afternoon.

Major Dindo Alaras of the Mabolo Police Station identified the fatality as Ernesto Ongos of Barangay Carreta in Cebu City who bolted the Mabolo Police Station jail on June 2 with one other suspect by breaking out through the facility’s ceiling.


“Gi-guba niya ang ceiling unya sa atop siya minggawas. Duha sila. Kadtong isa nadakpan to dayon pagkagabii,” said Alaras.

According to Alaras, Ongos pulled out a pistol during the manhunt operation conducted by joint operatives of the Mabolo police and Getafe police prompting arresting officers to shoot.

He was fatally shot in the chest and stomach while none of the operatives were injured.

“Notorious g’yud na siya. DIi g’yud na mo lakaw na walay armas. ng iyang pagtuo way nakasunod niya dinha sa Getafe. Ang iyang dala na armas gamay-gamay siya, revolver .38 para masuksok niya. Pero diri sa [Cebu], 45 gyud na pirmi dala niya. Iya ng ibutang sa iyang bag ug iyang motor,” said Alaras.

According to Alaras, Ongos was arrested in May through a drug buy-bust operation and was allegedly caught in possession of “half a kilo” of shabu.

A Bombo Radyo report said that Ongos had in his possession shabu worth P3 million and a .45 caliber pistol when he was apprehended along with two others during the anti-drug operation in Barangay Carreta.

Prior to his apprehension, a warrant of arrest was already issued against him for a murder charge.

“Known naman na siya daghan nanang complaint. Kay mokalit ra lagi’g pamusil, kanang dudahan niya na asset iya ng pusilon og kalit,” said Alaras.

Alaras said that Ongos fled to Getafe to hide at the home of his live-in partner’s family.

Police however gained intelligence reports indicating that Ongos had been staying at the island-barangay which used to be a haven for drug personalities.

“Based sa atong monitoring, wa man siyay pamilya diha, kana rang relatives sa iyang kapuyo,” said Alaras. (A. Doydora)

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