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Suspect in grisly Sevilla murder surrenders

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Suspect in grisly Sevilla murder surrenders

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Albert Yugo

The lone suspect in the grisly murder of a former convict surrendered to the police on Thursday, four days after the fatal stabbing incident in Sevilla.

Albert Yugo was arrested at past 9 a.m. by police at the home of his sister-in-law in Barangay Hanopol in Balilihan after he voluntarily agreed to let his relatives inform the authorities of his whereabouts, said Corporal Elueterio Samon of the Sevilla Police Station.

According to Samon, Yugo feared reprisal from the family of Cristino Jumawid, the victim who he allegedly stabbed dead, hindering him from going out of hiding and surrendering.

“Gipasalig nako na kung naa siya sa kamot sa pulis di mahitabo na mahilabtan siya,” said Samon.


Yugo is now under police custody and is set to be charged with murder on Friday.

Earlier, Lt. Ronaldo Logroño, chief of the Sevilla Police Station said that the fight between Yugo, who was previously convicted of a murder charge, and Jumawid erupted during a daylong drinking spree which led to a heated argument as both boasted about the crimes they committed.

Companions of Jumawid and Yugo who were with them drinking before the incident have confirmed to the authorities that when they left, both men stayed and continued to drink.

“Nanguli na tong lima, sila nalang duha nabilin sa payag nag-inom. Taho sa mga kauban na daan na to sila naghinambugay na kadtong usa kay napriso og murder, unya kadtong usa napriso og robbery. Unya nagsinungogay ba na ‘ako napriso sa patay kanang imo napriso ka pero tulis ra man’ maong nag-initay to,” Logroño said.

The argument was believed to have been the cause behind the fatal stabbing at a makeshift rest area near a secluded rice paddy.

A passerby who was not identified by the police found Jumawid’s remains with multiple stab wounds across his body and with his throat largely slit on Sunday night. (A. Doydora)

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