Padayon Bol-anon: Positive campaign, no dirty tricks

Padayon Bol-anon standard-bearer, Deputy Speaker Art Yap, told his teammates in the Padayon Bol-anon group that they will pursue a clean campaign that is not tainted with dirty tactics.

The gubernatorial bet who leads in the Bohol Poll  issued the statement for his Padayon teammates during the first day of the campaign trail last Friday which was the official start of campaign for local bets as prescribed by the Comelec.


Yap told his Padayon teammates to run a “positive and happy campaign.”

In his message,  Yap also said they have to note on the quote which says that “Finally, after doing your best,  let go and let God… Man proposes but God disposes…”

The last termer solon has been reminding his inner team to control their anger and emotions everytime they would see posts in social media spreading fake news about him or mocking him.

He said “dirty tricks and foul language” are not part of the Boholano trait. He said those who will resort to these dirty tricks should be exposed this early for the electorates to know.

Those who spread glaring fake news in the social media are indicators that if elected, they can easily issue fake reports and assessments to the Boholanos as to their performance and in all their  activities in governance, Yap stressed.

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