Change has come

jayWith the resounding election of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, change has come in the Philippines, even before he has assumed office as the newly elected President.

Filipinos have changed the way they elect their leaders.

Filipinos are no longer looking only to Luzon or Visayas in search for presidential potential.


For the first time, the Filipino electorate has chosen a son of Mindanao to be the next head of state.

Change has come.


Filipinos no longer look to incumbent national officials as a limited pool of potential leaders.

With the exception of the late Cory Aquino, the presidents we have elected in the past have always been national officials.

Now, Filipinos have cast their nets to wider and expanded horizons in selecting their president.

Even an incumbent  city mayor can be chosen to be president.

Change has come.

In the past, election issues have always been limited to how to improve the economy, how to increase jobs.

For the first time, we have heard a campaign platform directly addressing the problem of criminality, drugs, widespread corruption.

The campaign platform worked and succeeded.

In fact it sold like hotcakes.

Change has come.

This is the first time I have heard a major campaign platform to change the form of government: Federalism.

It is a concept that cannot be easily understood by many.

It is revolutionary.

Many people do not realize, that to campaign for federalism means a campaign to change and overhaul the constitution.

In a subtle way, the underlying push was charter change.

The people approved of it.

Change has come.

We expect a change in the constitution under the new Duterte administration.

We hope that midway in his term, we shall already have adopted a new, revised  constitution that will adopt a federal system, unicameral form of government.

Many may not realize this, but this is a revolutionary change in the political and economic landscape of our nation.

As the new administration works in transition, we have heard many proposals in the pipeline that will change the behavior of Filipinos such as a nationwide liquor ban, curfew for minors, ban on smoking in public places, among others.

These are major changes that people expect to see.

One of the first acts of Mayor-President Duterte is to fully implement the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom-of-information.

This will really be a radical shift in how the affairs of government will be conducted.

This is in direct response to the anti-corruption campaign of Duterte, as this will promote transparency in government affairs.

Change has come.

Change is coming.

(By Atty. Jay I. Dejaresco)

One thought on “Change has come

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    May 16, 2016 at 11:06 am

    Change is coming.
    Expect our Provincial Officials to change from LP to PDP-Laban.
    Knowing the brand our leaders displayed since they hold elected office they could not
    find another job than being a politician forever.


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