ABS CBN shooting from the hip

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ABS CBN shooting from the hip

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NOTE: The opinion of this writer is his own and does not reflect the views and stand of The Bohol Chronicle.

The beleaguered ABS CBN now on broadcast hiatus, silenced by the non renewal of its congressional franchise peddles lies on their internet news services.

ABS CBN’s latest victim is the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp. the broadcast arm of this paper.

In its bid to get back  thefrontliner in opposing the renewal of their franchise, Rep. RodanteMarcoleta, ABS CBN like a mad dog (iro’ngbu-ang) on a leash, falsely drags innocent fellow-broadcast networks supposed to be their brothers in the profession, into the fray including the Chronicle, without even seeking the latter’s side.


As legal counsel  for the   Chronicle I have formally written the media behemoth , now in forced hibernation. I have also referred the matter to the House which is  conducting  public hearings of its franchise renewal.

Genuinely, I pity this network for its predicament.

Below is my letter.

ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation

9/F ELJ Communications Center

Lopez Drive 1103, Quezon City




This pertains to the news item released through ABS-CBN News Channel on June 3, 2020 at around 9:00p.m.

The news item stated:

“Marcoleta authored franchises for:


-Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp. (1966)

-Catholic Bishops’ Conference of PH (1967)


-Rajah Broadcasting Network (1965)

-Associated Broadcasting Company or TV5 (1960)

which all secured their first franchises more than 50 yrs ago.” |via


Attached to said news item is the synopsis of the House Bill  (HB06431) that sought to grant the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corporation, having the twenty two (22) co-authors of the said bill, of which Rep. Rodante D. Marcoleta happened to be one of them.

We are thankful to all co-authors of the House Bill that ultimately became the corporation’s legislative franchise. We  thus take exception to your misleading news item which slanted that  it was Rep. Marcoleta who solely authored our bill (“co-authored” is the accurate term)

Incidentally, we note that  Rep. Marcoleta is opposing ABS CBN’s application for a legislative franchise.

We wish to correct your false news item.

First, it is false to  state that Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp. secured their first franchise more than 50 years ago.

The Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp has been  in existence for only  twenty nine  (29) years—not fifty years— having been registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) only on January  29, 1991. We attach a copy of the corporation’s Certificate of Incorporation, Registry No. 186266 issued by the SEC.

This being the fact, it is impossible for the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp.  to have secured its first franchise more than 50 years ago.

Second,  ABS-CBN’s false news item ascribing that the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp had been registered or in existence since 1966,  is injurious as it imputes that Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp violated Section 11 of the Batas Pambansa No. 68 (the governing Corporation Code then) which granted all corporations a term limit not exceeding fifty (50) years.

Third, for ABS CBN to report that the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp. secured its “first franchise more than 50 years ago”  imputes violation on the part of the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corporation of Section 11 Article XII of the 1987 constitution which provides that “nor shall such franchise …be…for a longer period than fifty years.”

May we make this clear : Bohol Chronicle Radio  Corp. has existed and operated, and continues to exist and operate lawfully.

Demand therefore, is made upon ABS CBN to immediately correct the patent falsehoods.

Considering that ABS CBN’s application for a congressional franchise is being heard and investigated by the House of Representatives, the Bohol Chronicle and Radio Corporation does not wish to be included and dragged into whatever public retorts ABS CBN may make pertaining to said  investigation.

Please be mindful.

Very truly yours,

Elmar Jay Martin I. Dejaresco

Legal counsel

Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp.

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