Mobile ‘shabu’ lab in Bohol?

Authorities are investigating the suspected presence of a mobile shabu laboratory operating in a barangay in Panglao town.

Reports on suspected clandestine shabu mixing inside an inn alarmed residents after suspicious materials had been discovered recently.

Materials such as empty plastic containers of toilet stain removers that reeked of irritating odor of chemicals, burned test tubes or flasks, burned computer wires and CDs were found inside the comfort room of the house rented by Taiwanese nationals.


The discovery of these materials was already reported to Panglao police discreetly, but there has been no action made yet.

Informants also noticed the grass on the lawn had withered into brown, possibly from exposure to bleaching chemicals.

The tiles of the floor had also turned into dark color, possibly caused by reaction to chemicals that spilled on it.

What puzzled the residents is that the Taiwanese nationals who are renting the house stay in Alona area in barangay Tawala, Panglao instead.

They were only seen occasionally in the compound of the rented house in Doljo and would come late at night.

When they would come, fishing boats are also seen waiting for them from a distance as the vessels would not dock on the shores.

The rear portion of the compound is facing the sea where the Taiwanese would pass.

Their presence was first noticed in December last year, then they became absent for about a month.

They were last seen in the compound in February this year, but only for a short period.

It was learned that they leased the compound for five years.

The property is reportedly owned by a Filipina who is married to a foreigner from a Western country who has been known as a close friend of a family member of a fish trader who owns more than one fishing boat.

It was also learned that it was this family member of a fish trader and another fish trader who referred the Taiwanese nationals to the owner of the property in Doljo.

The permits of the fishing vessels of the family have been suspended or not renewed by the local government (not of Panglao) reportedly for some questionable activities.

These vessels were those that had been seen in the past where everytime they delivered fish to the landing station, a suspicious box is also hurriedly tossed to a woman and the woman who received the box would quickly leave the area.


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