Unity ticket looms for next year’s elections

There seems to be a unity ticket of the administration if elections will push through in May next year.

This possible scenario surfaced after political observers noted that it would either be last termer Rep. Art Yap or Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. who would be running for governor under the Duterte administration.

Rep. Yap who has lately been very audible in radio advertorials is reportedly determined to run for governor. The last termer congressman who is a known ally of former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is now an “insider” of the new Duterte administration going with the President’s entourage in several trips abroad especially to China.


With the role Yap is playing in the Duterte administration, he can easily get the endorsement of the President in his gubernatorial bid.

A highly placed source revealed that once Yap gets the President’s endorsement, the much-rumored gubernatorial plans of Cabsec Evasco will fizzle out. 


The former Maribojoc mayor has lately made a shift in his public pronouncement. Evasco during the last interview with the Chronicle said that he is no longer interested to run for governor.

Evasco has been quoted as telling some town mayors that he will only run for governor if he gets the public endorsement of Pres. Duterte, shortfall of which will make him decide to hold on to his national post as Cabinet secretary.

Meanwhile, Rep. Rene Relampagos who is also a last termer solon is one of the names that surfaced during surveys conducted as to the possible bets for governor in 2019. 

However, Rep, Relampagos during a recent interview with the Chronicle said he is leaving his options open for what “destiny will bring in his political journey.”

Relmapagos has never showed any strong interest to run for governor in the next election considering the positioning of Yap and Evasco.

Aside from Relampagos who is a known die-hard partyman of the Liberal Party, no other political figure under the opposition is perceived to be a possible gubernatorial timber.

Most town mayors believe that its either Yap and Evasco who would run for governor since both belong to the administration camp.


Of the three congressional districts, only Rep, Aris Aumentado is not serving his last term, thus would run for his last term, possibly unopposed if the opposition LP will not have a gubernatorial bet.

Last termer Gov. Edgar Chatto who will most likely be running for congressman in the first district could be taken under this expected “unity ticket” as there is no other probable bet for congressman in the first district.

Meanwhile, it is a totally different ball game for the third district since there are at least four names which surfaced as probable bets for congressmen, namely former Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan, former Carmen Mayor Che Toribio delos Reyes, Judge Fernando and either Board Member Alexie or husband, Candijay Mayor Christopher Tutor. 

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