LENTEN FEATURE: God’s love and mercy is boundless -Mario Uy

Businessman and civic leader Mario Uy broke his silence after a year of medical treatment following a freak accident inside his bathroom on a Holy Tuesday last year.

“I could not thank enough God for his limitless love and forgiveness,” thus started his narration after he personally encountered the Lord five days after he met the accident.

It was at daybreak of Easter Sunday (last year) that God allowed him to vividly see the “Door to Heaven” fully conscious while he was in his room at Chung Hua Hospital in Cebu City.


This was recalled by the 77-year old Mario who was featured last Wednesday in the top-rated “Inyong Alagad” program of DYRD during a special Ash Wednesday edition with anchormen Fred Araneta and Chito Visarra.

“It was like a hurricane where at its tail end was a hole where the Door of Heaven was beautifully shown right before my naked eyes,” he recalled in tears as he felt God’s holy presence.

After undergoing two major surgeries in his spine, Mario said it was with God’s grace that he survived.

Now that he is recuperating in a newly acquired home in Cebu City, Mario finds solace in “conversing” with God as he starts each new day.

“I keep on asking the Lord, what is it that you want me to do,” Mario says while admitting that he has been generously sharing his blessings in the building of some chapels in the city.

“If it is God’s will that I’d physically be back in Tagbilaran City, I will reopen the Botika sa Katawhan as a private citizen, devoid of government support,” Mario vowed as he talked to his beneficiaries who were glued to the radio program during the phone patch interview last Wednesday.

Mario Uy can very well be remembered for his philanthropic “Botika sa Katawhan” which he personally managed during the incumbency of then Mayor Dan Lim who appointed him as deputy city mayor of Tagbilaran.

As Mario savors God’s love and mercy each passing day, he profusely thanked his loving children, Roy & Margie, Rex & Imelda, Ray & Nora as he likewise recalled the fond memories he had with his loving wife, the late “Dai Par” (Amparo Fernan Uy).  He thanked as well the care and concern of Dayan all these years in good and in bad times.

He described his daily routine to start with a thanksgiving prayer and 1.5 hrs exercise as he continues to pray for his health which he totally surrenders to the Lord.

Mario who sings beautifully is now filled with praise songs in his lips like “Hiram sa Dios,” and “Walang Hanggang Pasasalamat sa Dios” which he sing-along facing a widescreen in his room. 

Hearing how the “new Mario” speaks is feeling God’s presence. He is a living testimony of God’s everlasting love and mercy. 


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