HNU province-wide election survey out on Friday

The results of a province-wide survey of  four of Bohol’s top government posts will be released to the public by the Holy Name University Center for Research and Publicity on Friday.

According to HNU president Francisco Estepa, the first segment of the “Bohol Poll 2019” will include the voter preference for the candidates for governor and congressman of the first, second and third districts.


He said that  voter’s preference for Tagbilaran City mayor and vice mayor is also included.

The presentation of the survey results is set at 2 in the afternoon on Friday at the HNU High School Educational Media Center.

Estepa noted that the “Bohol Poll” will include a survey on federalism, hope for Bohol, illegal drug situation, quality of life, unemployment rate, graft and corruption in government, insurgency and role of women.

The survey will likewise get the performance ratings of national, provincial and Tagbilaran City government officials, ask post-election opinion for voting President Duterte, and  gauge trust rating of the Catholic Church.


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