SP: LGUs remiss in rid of biz dummies

The Committee of the Whole of the provincial board found that many  local government units (LGUs) are negligent in their duties of effectively implementing the anti-dummy law.

 “The aggrieved party involved in this matter for they are the ones who will generate income out of business applications which probably is the reason for the laxity on the implementation of this national law governing on this kind of activity,” the committee report said.

 This came following Board Member Kristine Alexie Tutor, chair of the tourism committee, brought up this and on the need to regulate the ownership of business establishments allegedly under dummy scheme.


 Reports have it that most of the tourism-related firms in the province are  run by dummies allegedly using local residents acting as owners when in fact they are  being funded by a foreigner. This situation is commonplace  allegedly especially in Panglao town.

 But the Committee couldn’t establish if there was specific establishment found to be operating under a  dummy scheme.

 How many such  establishments mushrooming in this town and in the province in this arrangement is not categorically known.

 Reporting in behalf of the committee, Board Member Atty. Benjie Arcamo explained that the Anti-Dummy Law, an old law, provides “to police or go against Filipinos in behalf of foreigners on their business.”

 As tourism is booming, many establishments “exist using Filipino names as owners of said firms but when you really check the person whose name appears as the owner, he/she is a dummy who is paid depending on their agreement, especially in the sole proprietorship business,” Arcamo, who hails from Panglao town, said.

 There were instances, Arcamo said, that even the names of drivers, house helpers, friends or lovers are being used as dummies. They can be only known by determining that their business are multi-million venture providing big capital and acquire lands and properties, the report said.

 The Committee finds it proper for the LGUs to seriously get involved in getting rid of these business dummies for they are the ones who grant permits to operate businesses under their respective area of jurisdiction.

 The SP approved the Committee’s recommendation for the LGUs to strictly implement the Anti-Dummy Law and to find ways to determine the existence of such kind of agreement, Arcamo said. (rvo)

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