Bohol crime volume continues to drop

Crime volume continues to drop in three months from 748 in May to 395 by July 20.

In June, the crime volume decreased to 700 or a 6.42-percent drop.

The rate of decrease further improved to 43.57 percent as of July 20.


Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) record shows that the crime volume this month comprises of 119 index crimes and 276 non-index crimes.

The BPPO recorded 232 index crimes and 468 non-index crimes in June; and 212 index crimes, and 536 non-index crimes in May.

Of the index crimes, cases against persons included two reports of murder in May, two in June and one in the first 20 days of July.

Homicide also decreased from five in May to one in June and none in July; cases of physical injury also dropped from 78 in May to 68 in June and 28 in July.

Cases of rape also dropped from ten in May to nine in June and two in July.

Crimes against property recorded in the three months included 40 cases of robbery, 71 cases of theft, two carnapping incidents and four cases of cattle rustling in May.

In June, the BPPO recorded 52 cases of robbery, 92 cases of theft, eight cases of carnapping and none in cattle rustling.

From July 1-20, the BPPO recorded 26 cases of robbery, 52 cases of theft, 10 cases of carnapping, and none in cattle rustling.

The statistics on non-index crimes included 135 from implementation of special laws and 134 other non-index crimes in May; 124 from special laws and 115 other non-index crimes in June; and 84 from special laws and 78 cases from other non-index crimes from July1-20.

The Average Monthly Crime Rate (AMCR) decreased creased from 54.24 in May to 50.76 percent in June, then to 28.64 for July 1-20 record.

The Average Monthly Index Crime Rate (AMICR) fluctuated from 15.37 percent in May to 16.82 percent in June, to 8.63 percent in the July 1-20 record.

As to Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE), the BPPO record shows an improvement from 61 percent of the 748 cases in May, 60 percent of the 700 cases in June and 47 percent of the 395 in the July 1-20 record.

Crime clearance efficiency also improved from 58 percent in April for having cleared 363 of the 621 cases in April to 63 percent in May for clearing 473 cases, and further to 64 percent with 451 cases cleared in June and to 50 percent with 198 cases cleared in the July 1-20 period.

In the campaign against illegal drugs, the BPPO had conducted 38 operations operations in June and 32 on July 1-25.

The operations resulted to the arrest of 42 persons in June and 75 cases filed; and 35 persons on July 1-25 with 49 cases filed.

The police operations hauled 231.76 grams of shabu in June worth P2.735 million

In the campaign against loose firearms, the police conducted 12 operations in June and also 12 from July 1-20.

In June, the operations resulted to the arrest of six persons who yielded seven high-powered firearms and seven low-powered firearms- -seven of these were confiscated, three were recovered and four were surrendered- -prompting to the filing of six cases.

The operations in the period, July 1-25, resulted to the arrest of three persons who yielded eight high-powered firearms and nine low-powered firearms and filing of three cases in court.

Four of the firearms were confiscated, three were recovered and ten were surrendered.

In the campaign against illegal gambling, the police had conducted 18 operations in June which resulted to the arrest of 38 persons and filing of 24 cases where the amount of bet involved reached only P3,298.

In the first 25 days of July, the police had conducted 15 operations which resulted to the arrest of 29 persons and filing of 15 cases in court, involving bet of P3,545.75.

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