Aris assures no service vacuum for Buenavista folk

Second District Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado assured Buenavista residents that there will be no “service vacuum” in the municipality in the wake of the killing of the town’s mayor, Ronald Lowell “Sample” Tirol.

Aumentado met now-Mayor Dave Duallo and the Sangguniang Bayan immediately after Tirol’s murder on May 27 for a closer look into the plans and direction of local officials following their chief executive’s death.

“It is now, more than ever, that the people of Buenavista need to feel that they have the support they need – even with the murder of their former mayor,” Aumentado said.


He observed that some residents had admitted fearing for their lives after a gunman shot Tirol at close range inside a cockpit in Buenavista.

But while Aumentado grieves over the death of a “close and intimate friend”, he said no leader is indispensable, noting that government services in Buenavista will not be disrupted.

“Change is inevitable because of term limits and risks like death. After all, this is a people-based leadership, not leader-based. The interest of the people is paramount – not that of the leader,” he said.

The congressman also noted that he has confidence in Duallo, another “close and intimate friend” who is now picking up the pieces where Tirol had left off.

“Duallo has the determination to continue his dreams and those of his father and immediate congressional predecessor, former governor and congressman Erico Boyles Aumentado, for the development of Buenavista and the 2nd District in general,” he added.

Aumentado had earlier condemned the brazen killing of Tirol which was carried out inside a crowded arena in front of multiple witnesses.

“Violence has no place in modern society, especially amidst our campaign for peace in the province.”

“Even during the time of my father, unity always took precedence as a manifestation of our efforts to contain unreasonable fighting. The death of mayor sample tells us of our need for more vigilance,” he added. (June S. Blanco)

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