Vote correctly

If you are a Communist, and you vote for a Communist candidate, that is your correct vote. If you are a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and you vote according to how your church advices you to vote, that is your correct vote. You are just being consistent with your avowed principles.

We are usually told to vote wisely. We disagree. We do not believe there is such thing as a wise vote. In the 2016 elections, for instance, there were those who are known as devotees of St. Padre Pio, but they voted, and even campaigned, for someone (you-know-who) who advocates death penalty. How could that be wise?


Padre Pio is a man of sacrifice and nonviolence. He did not even criticize the Roman Catholic Church even if there was a time that he was prevented from doing his priestly duties by the church because at first such authorities did not believe in his miracles. He never complained. Instead, he healed those who came to him, and if testimonies are to be believed, he still continues to do so until today.

There is a current campaign to educate the voters, featuring young students. Too little, too late, perhaps. Educating voters is a good program. But it cannot be done effectively just a week or two before the day of elections. It must be a year-round activity. It should be included in the regular school curriculum and barangay assemblies constantly. At this very late juncture in the campaign period, it will not be enough to tell voters to vote wisely. Campaigners must give voters examples of wise votes, if any. What is a wise vote?

If you are a Roman Catholic faithful, is it wise to vote for, or even continue to support, someone who attacks your church? If you claim to be a Christian, is it wise to vote for, or even continue to support, someone who calls your God stupid? If your answer is yes, you are probably truly stupid. Not your God. If scriptures are correct, God cannot be mocked. Beware.

The correct vote is the vote that reflects your values in life. It is our responsibility to examine our own lives to be clear about what we really stand for and vote on the basis of these. It is also our responsibility to suspend our judgment and not simply believe propaganda in the form of text messages, Facebook posts or even attacks from paid radio commentators. Do not just believe those who claim that they are here to effect change. Have you not learned your lessons from the 2016 elections? Or, are you really really stupid?

Hey brother, sister, are you a Communist who does not believe in God? Or, are you a Roman Catholic, Protestant, Born-again Christian, Muslim? What are the values and principles involved in your faith? Then, vote accordingly.

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