PNP re-validates 98% drug areas


The Philippine National Police (PNP) will start re-validating reports on the percentage of drug affected barangays as earlier figures released by the police showed a shocking 98% of the barangays here as drug affected, according to PNP Regional Director Taliño.

The ranking military official explained to  The Chronicle yesterday that the reason why there was a high percentage of drug affected areas was because of the guidelines which would place a barangay as “drug influenced” even if there was just one drug user in the area. He said the mechanics in determining the percentage of drug influenced was not statistically correct as even if there was just one resident known as involved in the use or distribution of drugs, the area would be registered as a “drug influenced” barangay.

Taliño said the re-validation which will commence this week will involve the PNP, the Philippine Drug Enforcment Agency (PDEA) as well as the local government units.


In the report released last week, it was cited that out of 1,109 Bohol barangays, 1,087 or 98.02% are affected by narcotics activities based on a data from the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO).

During the regular session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan last week, Police Supt. Lorenzo Batuan, chief of the BPPO’s operations branch reported to the provincial lawmakers that 534 villages in Bohol are slightly affected by drugs while 553 are moderately affected.

None of the Bohol villages is seriously affected by illegal narcotics while only 22 or 1.88% are not affected, Batuan said.

Ten of the drug free barangays are in Loon, three in Anda, three in Garcia Hernandez, one in Alicia, one in Antequera, one in Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, one in Dagohoy, one in Duero and one in Getafe.

Gen. Talino said the re-validation to be conducted will be implemented in all provinces nationwide, not just in the province.

Commenting on the high number of surrenderees here, Gen. Taliño said it is indicative of an effective campaign against drugs.

He said the province will be receiving another award tomorrow at the regional PNP headquarters in Cebu for having registered the most number of houses visited which reached to 21,550 residences under “Operation Tokhang.”

The province yielded a total of 31,800 surrenderees as of yesterday, a little lesser than Cebu province. But, considering the population of both provinces, Bohol would come out with more surrenderees than Cebu.

The PNP regional director cited the close coordination of the provincial government with its municipal mayors who were in the forefront of this war against drugs.

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