Ex-seaman shoots dead mother-in-law, brother-in-law in Inabanga

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Ex-seaman shoots dead mother-in-law, brother-in-law in Inabanga

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Multiple murder suspect Romulo Logroño | Photo: via Inabanga LGU

A former seaman allegedly shot his mother-in-law and brother-in-law dead in Inabanga in an apparent financial dispute on Monday night, police said.

Suspect Romulo Logroño who was arrested at 11 p.m., four hours after the shooting incident, will be facing murder charges, said Staff Sgt. Teodolo Biodor, Jr. of the Inabanga police.

According to Biodol, Logroño went to the house of the victim, Florinda Anzano, 51, in Barangay Cainsican where she was eating dinner with her husband Francisco, son-in-law Jurem Ceniza, 27, and her two-year-old grandson at around 7 p.m.

Florinda met Logroño at the house’s front door but the suspect, without uttering a word, shot her three times using a .45 caliber pistol.


“Pagkagabii samtang nanihapon ning atong mga biktima niabot kuno ni si Romulo na nanuktok kuno mi tawag ‘Ma, Pa’ unya mi abli ni si Florinda, pag-abli kuno way lain storya dretso na’g pamusil aning biktima,” said Biodor.

Logroño then allegedly shot Ceniza while Francisco was able to flee.

Francisco returned to the house after Logroño left and rushed Ceniza and Florinda to the Francisco Dagohoy Memorial Hospital in Inabanga but both were declared dead on arrival.

Florinda sustained three gunshot wounds while Ceniza was hit once.

According to Biodor, the shooting incident stemmed from a financial dispute between Florinda and Logroño on Monday morning.

Florinda’s daughter and Logrono’s wife Rachel Anzano, who is a nurse in Dubai, wanted to give her parents P4,000. She asked Logroño to take the money to her parents which appeared to have irked the suspect.


“Ingon tong anak na nagpada og kwarta na tagai silang mama. Patagaan unta ang ginikanan pinaagi ni Romulo og P4,000 unya mi agto si Romula gahatod og kwarta pero ilhan na kontra sa iyang buot ang paghatag,” said Biodor.


Florinda initially refused to take the money but Logroño still left the amount with her.

“Matod pa nga misuway pagbalibad ang inahan sa pagdawat sa kwarta kay basin og gamiton kini, apan suma sa suspek nga dawata nalang kay basin mahurot kini sa hubog-hubog,” Biodor added.

According to Biodor, there was no communication or interaction among the suspect and the victims in between the morning incident and the fatal shooting later that day.


Logroño’s arrest

Following the shooting incident, the Inabanga police launched a hot pursuit against Logroño who was considered armed and dangerous.


Police later traced him to the house of his friend in the adjacent village of Lonoy Roma. He was sleeping when police operatives arrived at the residence.

“Pag abot sa among kauban didto gikuhit man tog kawayan para makamata. Giingna og passurenderon na. Midawat ra man pud siya,” said Biodor.

Logroño is now under the custody of the Inabanga Police Station pending the filing of charges against him.

According to Biodor, Logroño arrived from overseas in April and has not worked since then while his wife Rachel left for Dubai to work.

Police gathered information indicating that Logroño used illegal drugs but Biodor said that they have yet to verify the information. (A. Doydora)

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