70-year-old fights Abu, slows down bandit in escape try

Suspected Abu Sayyaf militant “Abu Ubayda” armed with an M-16 rifle was running for his life with government troops trailing him in Barangay Lawis, Calape Monday noon.

In his path was a 70-year-old who authorities only identified as “Lolo Peryong,” a resident of the said village.

Ubayda was reportedly trying to lose the authorities again in the village’s thick mangrove forest while Peryong was cleaning his yard as the suspect drew near him.


But instead of taking cover and avoiding the heavily armed bandit, Peryong took his bolo and attacked Ubayda, said Calape police chief Sr.Insp. Cresente Gurea.

Peryong tried to slash Ubayda but missed.

The encounter reportedly ended up in a physical tussle for the bladed weapon.

Eventually, Peryong was overpowered by the militant who was also reportedly in possession of a grenade.

The villager ended up getting slashed by the bolo, then Ubayda butt stroked him in the head with his rifle, said Gurea.

Peryong was rushed to a hospital while Ubayda was killed moments after by government troops as he was shot multiple times in the head at past 1 p.m.

Earlier that day, Ubayda along with “Abu Asis” was travelling on board a stolen motorcycle in the village before they were flagged down at a security checkpoint.

The encounter led to a gun battle between security forces and the suspects who were separated after the incident.

Asis was killed at 5 p.m. by police Special Weapons and Tactics operatives. He, too, figured in a hand-to-hand combat with a resident who fought him after noticing that the bandit was unarmed.

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Another villager also wrestled Asis before policemen shot the suspect dead.

The military through 302nd Infantry Brigade commander, Brig. Gen. Arnulfo Matanguihan has since declared Bohol clear of the Abu Sayyaf militants who infiltrated the province through Inabanga town last month. (A. Doydora)

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