BDJ detainee yields wads of cash in surprise inspection

Police operatives and jail guards confiscated contraband from detainees’ jail cells including bundles of cash inside inmate Cristopher Buslon’s living space during a surprise inspection on May 24, 2017 at the Bohol District Jail in Barangay Cabawan, Tagbilaran City. (FILE PHOTO)

A detainee of the Bohol District Jail (BDJ) yielded wads of cash amounting to P69,000 in a Greyhound Operation conducted by the facility’s jail guards.

This was bared by BDJ warden Jail Chief Insp. Felipe Montejo in an interview with DYRD Balita on Wednesday.


According to Montejo, the money was found in the possession of Ginomar Pelayre who is being held for a drug charge.

Pelayre voluntarily handed over a pouch containing the said amount as a jail guard was about to inspect the detainee’s cell on August 2, said Montejo.

While Pelayre claimed that the money was supposed to be loaned out to other detainees, the BDJ is set to conduct a deeper probe on the discovery.

Jail officials will be verifying the cash’s source given Pelayre’s alleged involvement in illegal drug activities prior to his arrest, said Montejo.

Meanwhile, other contraband such as improvised bladed weapons were found in other detainees’ cells during the surprise inspection, added the jail warden.

Pelayre’s cash is the second seizure of bundles of money from a detainee of the BDJ.

On May 24, Special Weapons and Tactics police operatives confiscated P29,000 from Cristopher Buslon, the alleged “chief expediter,” or ranking inmate, in the entire detention facility.

However, the confiscated cash was returned after it was proven that Buslon who is facing a double murder charge earned it by selling food and soft drinks to other detainees, said Montejo. (Allen Doydora)

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