Burglar breaks into NIA office in Ubay

A still unidentified suspect broke into the National Irrigation Administration office at the Capayas Dam in Barangay Kalanggaman, Ubay at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

The suspected burglar was unable to steal cash, valuables or other important items but there were indications of forced entry in the office.

According to police, the office’s security guard was the first to discover the attempted burglary as he saw that the office’s door was forcibly opened while the vault was already near the perimeter fence.


The office’s two security guards were reportedly unable to notice as the suspect opened the front door by force.

Police were no longer informed on the vault’s contents, but they noted that the suspect attempted to open the device but failed.

Authorities also believed that the suspect attempted to take the vault but eventually gave up due to its weight prompting the burglar to just leave the item.

The town’s investigators have been tasked to conduct a follow-up probe on the case.

Other than the vault, it appeared that the suspect did not attempt to steal anything else. (A. Doydora)

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