Chatto’s daughter calls out governor’s ill-wishers

Governor Edgar Chatto’s daughter has not been actively vocal about local politics particularly on issues involving her father. But when it comes to the governor’s health, the 25-year-old couldn’t help but voice out her thoughts.

In a 500-word post on Facebook, Patrisha Chatto called out those who considered the governor’s hospitalization “as an opportunity to rejoice.”

“May the good Lord grant you kindness, peace of mind and help you through whatever you’re going through that makes you rejoice at another person’s misfortune,” Patrisha said.


She also addressed the spread of misinformation on the condition of Chatto, 58, who has been confined at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City starting Sunday last week after experiencing palpitations.

“I don’t usually like commenting on these things, because as they say, it comes with the territory. But I want to set things straight,” said Patrisha. “There’s no cover up here. Let me give you the full story.”

Patrisha clarified that when the governor was airlifted to Metro Manila, he was never unconscious and was “awake and very conversant.”

“He did not have a heart attack nor a stroke. I just want to make that clear,” said Patrisha.

The governor was transported through a stretcher as protocol for suspected heart cases, she added.

According to Patrisha, Chatto was recently diagnosed with a lung infection after he was subjected to a series of medical tests.

“We found out that his episode of palpitations was caused by an infection in his lungs. Not anything too serious, but an infection just the same and he’s being treated for that,” she said.

In the same Facebook statement, Patrisha attached a link to an opinion piece of Department of Agriculture VII regional executive director Salvador Diputado, a known critic of the Chatto administration.

Diputado in his column for Super Balita Cebu said that the Capitol has not issued an official statement regarding the governor’s health.

The appointed regional official floated the possibility that Chatto may have been unconscious when he was airlifted to Metro Manila.

“Dili pa mahibaw-an hangtod karon kon tinuod ba ang balita nga ‘unconscious’ si Chatto sa dihang gipasakay kini sa air ambulance,” Diputado said.

He also suggested that the governor should take a respite for him to address the problems that currently hound the provincial government including the purported issue on the cleanliness of waters off the resort town of Panglao.

However, Patrisha did not address her statement as direct response to Diputado’s opinion piece, while the commentary posted on the Super Balita opinion section of is no longer accessible as of press time.

I don’t usually like commenting on these things, because as they say, it comes with the territory. But I want to set…

Posted by Patrisha Chatto on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Patrisha’s statement was initially posted only for her Facebook friends to see, but it was later made public. This has appeared on the pages of other Facebook users, including that of Balilihan Mayor Pureza Chatto, the governor’s wife.

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