Couple found stabbed to death in Clarin home

A man and his wife were found dead with stab wounds in their necks inside their residence in Clarin town on Saturday morning.

The lifeless victims were discovered after their bodies’ foul odor caught the attention of neighbors who in turn checked up on them and alerted the police.


Clarin Police chief Sr. Insp. Fernando Peroramas identified the victims as Manuel Niones, 77, and Manuela Niones, 54, both residents of Barangay Poblacion of said town.

Residents in the area told police that the couple was last seen on Wednesday last week while the lights in their house remained turned on during the following days.

According to Peroramas, probers continued their deep investigation on the case and considered multiple angles including land dispute among relatives as possible motives.

Police have yet to identify a suspect or a person of interest behind the grisly murder.

However, one William Umpad was arrested by police for obstruction of justice. Police were also looking for his sister, Anecita Guevarra, who was with him when they allegedly took out documents from the house while investigation was ongoing.

The complainant, Manuel’s sister Anecia Niones, said that she saw Guevarra and Umpad place several documents inside a sack. Anecia attempted to stop them, but the two still took the files.

Peroramas noted that although the siblings will be charged with obstruction of justice, police have yet to pinpoint whether or not they were involved in the killings. (A. Doydora)

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