Ubay man nabbed for drugs admitted to killing, brutalizing boy after sex

A man who was arrested during a drug buy-bust operation in Ubay admitted to killing a 15-year-old boy and brutalizing his body before hiding it beneath a pile of garbage.

Patrick Lofranco, 20, of Brgy. Poblacion, Ubay confessed to being the killer of a 15-year-old boy who was found dead in Brgy. San Pedro, Talibon last month, said Chief Insp. Jacinto Mandal, Ubay police chief.

According to Mandal, Lofranco was apprehended after selling illegal drugs to an undercover cop inside a cemetery in Ubay during a sting operation.


Lofranco later told authorities during interrogation that he performed oral sex on the victim at a grassy area near a fishpond in Brgy. San Pedro before he repeatedly clobbered him with a piece of wood on July 15.

He then inserted a piece of wood into the anus of the victim who was already unconscious.

Mandal, based on Lofranco’s testimony, said that the boy hit the suspect first with a piece of wood after the latter refused to pay for sex.

Lofranco retaliated hitting the boy in the nape twice and several more times after he fell to the ground.

He then buried the boy beneath a pile of garbage.

According to Mandal, the victim’s remains were found on July 17.

The boy’s body already started to decompose, said Mandal.

Lofranco remained detained at the Ubay lock-up jail as authorities prepared to file additional cases against him on top of the illegal drug charge. (A. Doydora)

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