2 suspects in Cebu robbery-slay arrested in Alicia

Antonino Jabagat and Alejandro Jabagat

The two suspects in the robbery-killing of a couple in Dalaguete, Cebu were arrested by police in Alicia town on Thursday afternoon.

Operatives from the Alicia Police Station apprehended Antonino Jabagat, 48, and nephew Alejandro, 25, while the two were visiting a relative in Barangay Poblacion, said Alicia police chief Insp. George Sarabosing.


The suspects were reportedly supposed to surrender to authorities but police believe that they were about to flee as they found tickets for a Manila-bound ferry in the Jabagats’ possession.

“Og dugay pa kuno mi og adto way siguro nga nakalarga na sila’g Manila pod kay diha nama’y andam nga ticket,” said Sarabosing.

A concerned citizen who saw the suspects called the police informing them that two men were intending to surrender to authorities.

An hour prior to the alert made by the resident, the Dalaguete Police Station also called the Alicia Police Station looking for the suspects.

“Panghatag sa pangan, nagsibo man pod sa gihatag nga ngan sa pulis sa Dalaguete mao tong among gi-adtuan,” said Sarobosing.

The duo allegedly stabbed Servando Ramos, 57, and Ana Maria Grace Ramos, 47, dead in the presence of the victims’ daughter in Barangay Langkas, Dalaguete on Monday night.

In a statement to police, Antonino said that they were only supposed to borrow money from the victims but the situation got out of hand.

“Igo raman unta sila mamaylo kuno og kwarta pero nagkasumpaki unya nagka bingkil-bingil, nagka initay kuno og storya unya nalimot kono siya [Antonino] mao tong iyang nadunggaban,” said Sarabosing.

The Jabagats who remained in Alicia police custody were set to be turned over to the Dalaguete police. (AD)

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