Man stabbed dead by suspected drug user in Clarin

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Man stabbed dead by suspected drug user in Clarin

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A 34-year-old man was stabbed dead in Clarin town on Sunday by a male suspect believed to be suffering from a mental condition due to drug abuse, said police.

According to PO2 Genesis Piezas of the Clarin Police Station, victim Alvin Nuenes, a widower who lived in Barangay Bacani of said town, sustained multiple stab wounds which caused his death.

The suspect, identified as Danilo Penton, 28, of said village, was arrested immediately after the stabbing incident, said Piezas.

Based on initial police investigation, Nuenes along with his live-in partner Jocelyn Balorio were about to fetch water at a well when he was spotted by the suspect who was cleaning his motorcycle.


Penton then allegedly accosted Nuenes and started shouting at him.

“Tarunga kuno na inyong pamilya kay nganung gisigehan ko nila ug torture,” Penton reportedly said to Nuenes.

This prompted Nuenes to try to avoid the confrontation, but Penton suddenly punched him.

Penton allegedly drew out a knife and stabbed the victim repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Balorio fled the area out of fear and asked for help from residents in the area.

Authorities said Nuenes who suffered three stab wounds in his chest, one in his right hand and another in the back was rushed to the Clarin Community Hospital.

However, due to Nuenes’ severe condition, he was referred to the Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital in Tagbilaran City. He died while being transported to said health facility.

According to Piezas, Penton previously surrendered under Oplan Tokhang while police were frequently alerted due to the suspect’s repeated altercations in their neighborhood.

Police believe that the suspect is suffering from a mental condition and may have picked a fight with the victim on a whim. (Allen Doydora) 

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