Boholana does free eyebrow microblading for cancer survivors

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Boholana does free eyebrow microblading for cancer survivors

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When CM learned she had lymphoma, things came crashing down. She was in her 20s with a promising career when the terrible news of her health came.

Then, her doctor told her to undergo chemotherapy. She conducted herself with maturity and displayed an immense amount of strength.

CM beat the cancer, but she was left feeling incomplete. After chemotherapy, her eyebrows became thin.

Wanting to do something for herself, CM heard of Karla Tirol Magno, known as Bohol’s “Kilay Doctor”, doing free eyebrow microblading for cancer survivors who have lost their hair because of cancer or never had hair due to Alopecia, or spot baldness.


It is part of Karla’s “Brow Clinic’s Brave Women” project.

“I am focused on my advocacy to bring back the confidence and joy of beautiful eyebrows that look natural, like real hair. I have been so blessed with this skill, and I want to share it to those who need it the most,” said Karla.

“They’ve lost their hair, they’ve lost their eyebrows and eyelashes and you can give them a little piece of that to make them feel beautiful,” she added.

Karla, a registered nurse, is the founder and CEO of Brow Clinic and Beauty Lounge (Contact Numbers: 038-502-1496, 09979406536) located at The Alley along J.A. Clarin Street in Tagbilaran City.

Trained abroad, Karla is an international certified permanent makeup artist who specializes in microblading tattoos to bring dignity back to people.

The candidates should be healthy enough for the procedure upon their doctor’s approval.


Last week, CM availed the free service, and hopes this option becomes more known for cancer survivors in Bohol.


CM was satisfied with the result. She is happier and more confident now.

Karla said, “I gave her the glam back, it makes me so happy because it’s giving her confidence again.”

On lockdown like everybody else, Karla is trying her best to cope with COVID-19, a great equalizer. It has put most of the world’s population behind closed doors regardless of social or economic standing, whether young or old.


How are you doing during this extended lockdown; how does your day start and how does it end? It’s still the same, I have coffee in the morning and “manghaplas” before I sleep.

What are your usual daily activities and how do you spend your spare time (if you have any)?


I used to be so busy everyday at the clinic and now that I have spare time, I have been trying to learn more about farming and aquaculture. I have been visiting towns in Bohol looking for other ventures to do. I also help moderate #BBCo – Bohol Barter Community. I visit and call loved ones to check on them. I try to stay busy to stay sane.

Aside from your brush, what do you miss most about the “outside” world?

The simple joys of hanging out with friends, having coffee, eating out, chilling at the beach, the gym, and even traveling for work or vacation. Being normal.

How do you protect yourself from COVID-19?

I have been following all protocols with masks and always washing my hands & keeping alcohol in my bag and car. I try to boost my immune system with supplements and vitamins too!

Has this crisis changed in any way the way you look at life and the future?

In so many ways. This pandemic brings out the good and bad in people. I try to focus on the good, and it has magnified with all this time we all have to reflect on life and what we all have been doing because whatever I thought was really important, is humbled down to basics. I see the world differently now knowing it can all change so fast.

How would the Karla “new normal” be like?

When this pandemic ends, and I hope soon, I hope to instill what I learned to focus more on the positive and being more resilient to problems that you never saw coming and I may have developed a new germophobe habit.

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