Murder rap filed vs. Mau’s killer

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Murder rap filed vs. Mau’s killer

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oreniaCriminal charges were filed last Monday against the suspected killer of blocktimer, businessman Maurito “Mau” Lim, who was arrested last Friday in a buy-bust operation at a variety store at corner F. Rocha St. and Espuelas St., this city.
The suspect identified as Geovani Orenia, temporarily residing at the residence of the late city councilor Alexander Lim, was charged before the City Prosecutor’s Office (INV-15C-0150 DTD).
The composite team of the Provincial Intelligence Branch under Police Senior Inspector Jojit Mananquil and City Crime Investigation Section under Police Senior Inspector Jacinto Mandal Jr. nabbed Orenia during a buy-bust operation few meters away from Lim’s residence.
Police Provincial Director Dennis Agustin told the Chronicle that the results of the ballistic test of the seized caliber 45 pistol will be known today to further support that the said firearm was used to shot the radio blocktimer on Valentine’s Day while about to go onboard his weekly radio program “Chairman Mau On Board” over station dyRD.
The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in San Francisco, California explained that “all firearms leave markings on the cartridge cases they expel when fired and that comprehensive ballistic identification systems (sometimes called ballistic “fingerprinting”) require gun manufacturers to test-fire the firearms they produce and store images of the ballistic markings left on cartridge cases in a database so that law enforcement can later determine whether a particular gun fired a particular cartridge”.
Agustin said that Orenia, who hails from Danao town, became the subject of a manhunt few days after Lim’s murder following a military asset who got hold of a person who personally know the suspect.
The gunman was also positively identified by eyewitnesses of the crime.
Even the day prior to the daring murder in front of DYRD compound, other eyewitnesses already saw the suspect watching while the victim was at his favorite restaurant inside the integrated bus terminal.
In the afternoon of the same day, a day prior to the murder, the prime eyewitness also saw the suspect observing the area along DYRD.
Mananquil said they validated the information received during the first week of February that the suspect was selling shabu in Lindaville and Mansasa areas.
Based on the surveillance, the intelligence team found that he worked for the family of the late councilor Lim as driver. There are times that while members of the family board their vehicle in going to cemetery, the mall or in times when they would dine out, he would escort on his motorcycle.
The police intelligence team also found that Orenia would find the free time when the family would rest inside the house. It is during this free time that he had the opportunity to sell shabu.
There were times also that Orenia would go home to barangay San Carlos, Danao.
During the buy-bust operation in the evening of March 6, the police team saw that Orenia came out from the house of his employer as he headed to the sari-sari store at the corner of F. Rocha St. across the back portion of the City Central Elementary School.
In the exchange of text messages, Orenia told the poseur-buyer that he would pretend to buy something at the store and there he would hand over the sachet of shabu.
When the cops swooped down, Orenia even tried to pull his caliber 45 pistol which he tucked in his short pants’ waist band near the stomach down to the area near the groin. But cops subdued him before he could further move.
However, even prior to the buy-bust operation, Mandal’s team already prepared the complaint of murder against Orenia based on the testimonies of the eyewitnesses issued on February 19.
The eyewitnesses identified Orenia based on the mugshots shown to them.
The primary eyewitness, who was at the crime scene, positively identified Orenia whose eyes, nose and mouth was exposed then.
The other eyewitnesses who saw Orenia tailing on the broadcaster at the IBT had shared information to the police on February 17, positively identifying the suspect through the mugshots.
The mugshots came from Talibon police station where Orenia had a record for illegal possession of firearms, ammunitions and explosives.
Orenia was convicted and detained for the case, but applied for probation on plea bargaining.
His probation supposedly takes effect this month, but wasted because of his arrest during the buy-bust operation and another complaint of murder filed against him.
The cellphone recovered from Orenia, showing information linked to the broadcaster’s murder, had been submitted to the anti-crime unit of PNP-Cebu.
Mananquil, for his part, said investigators need the cooperation of the late councilor’s family to determine the extent of their relationship with Orenia.
Investigators need the statement of the late councilor’s family, also in relation to the hand grenade lobbed into their residence at 2 a.m. yesterday, since the arrest of their worker is one of the angles being looked into by the police.

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