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Bohol-Cebu bridge on

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CONNECTING CEBU & BOHOL? Why not, with the proposed 22-km bridge using the floating bridge technology from Getafe, Bohol to Cordova Mactan, Cebu with Gov. Edgar Chatto and Rep. Aris Aumentado on top of the proposed project.
CONNECTING CEBU & BOHOL? Why not, with the proposed 22-km bridge using the floating bridge technology from Getafe, Bohol to Cordova Mactan, Cebu with Gov. Edgar Chatto and Rep. Aris Aumentado on top of the proposed project.

If the new Bohol Airport which construction will start this month took decades before it got implemented, the proposed Bohol-Cebu Friendship bridge is forecast not to take that long considering the economic viability of the project.

This was the identical statement issued by Gov. Edgar Chatto and Rep.Aris Aumentado who are both bullish about the realization of the project.

Rep. Aumentado said initial meetings were already conducted among three Philippine based  and a foreign investor who are interested to work on the project under the Private Public Project modality. The young solon told The Chronicle last Friday that he wants to “make a dream come true” of his late father, Erico Aumentado in whose term as governor this project was conceptualized.

The proposed 22-km. bridge  linking  the two provinces will be connected from Getafe town in Bohol and Cordova, Mactan in Cebu.


It may be  recalled that it was during the term of the late Gov. Aumentado that the idea of a bridge linking Bohol and Cebu was thought about. The Chronicle was privy to the start of the project’s conceptualization which the late governor termed as the “3-in-1” project. The business components of the project includes water, power, trade and commerce.

This  “3-in-1” project which is a 22 km. bridge will make possible the selling of  water from Inabanga River to Mactan through a water pipe attached to the bridge and at the same time bring in cheaper power from Cebu to Bohol. The third component which would make the Friendship Bridge even more economically viable is the income to be derived through the trade and commerce bringing in goods and commuters as well as tourists between the two bustling provinces of Central Visayas.

Rep. Aumentado is scheduled to meet  interested investors of the  project which is estimated to cost some $2.5 billion using a floating bridge technology with an viaduct. Because of the huge investment in implementing the project, the fund is expected to come from private investors who at this early stage found the economic viability of the project.
The solon said  private investors have shown interest in the project. He even quoted some investors saying the bridge to be more economically viable than the new airport in Panglao.

Rep. Aumentado said the investors, once organized, would conduct the feasibility project  which is expected to be completed in a couple of years.  The “corporate vehicle” is expected to be established during the meeting at the end of this month in Manila.

For his part,  Gov, Chatto when interviewed by The Chronicle said he endorsed the project for funding during a meeting held last Tuesday with the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and the Department of Budget as well as with other national government agencies at the NEDA Central offices in Manila. He said the proposed bridge is among the projects being considered to be funded in the 2016 General Appropriations Act of the national government.

He admitted the proposed bridge was discussed in the Regional Development Council (RDC-7) many years ago  but failed to  secure national government support fund.


“This time, will see to it the project gets the national government fund support,” Chatto said who presently is the RDC-7 chairman.


Rep. Aumentado recalled that during the incumbency of his late father as governor,  there was already the approval of a guaranteed grant of $3 million for a feasibility study to be conducted  after the project was endorsed by NEDA and DPWH under then Sec. Ebdane.The NEDA support was confirmed by Rolando Tungpalan.

For his part, DWPH Sec. Singson admits that he likes the project , but it is not in the priority of his department.

“If any private component would like to undertake the project under the PPP modality, it will get my imprimatur, Singson concluded.



  1. Dan Dan April 7, 2015

    Pwede ba unahon sa nato ang mga mas importante nga problema sa Bohol? like rising poverty rate ug mahal nga paliton.Almost “tourist” price na tanan ang mga paliton karon sa Bohol.Walay regulation.Drugs is rampant.very very rampant.Few investments,no job creation.I dont know how Mr. Chatto is managing the province..agriculture is declining,tourism is declining..Usad pagong

    • Roni Roni April 24, 2015

      Tinuod..bolanon ko pero mauwaw ko istoryaan about the governance sa bohol. For the last 15yrs nag stay ko sa bohol since birth b4 ko naningpad sa lain lugar, wa gyud kaau ni-improve ang bohol samot na sa Tagb City… Corrupt kaau mga officials.. maski SM ug Gaisano dili kasud ky monopolize sa mga nag-una nga negosyante.. kaila namo ana..
      Mahal gyud tanan palitonon,..barato pa sa cebu, halos katunga..

    • financialadvisor financialadvisor June 5, 2015

      as a financial advisor, poverty is not really the government’s problem.. it is the individual’s discipline that made them such.. I would agree with you regarding the prices though.

    • Dante Dante June 5, 2015

      @ Dan,….ang imo suggestion is unahon ang mas importante nga problema like poverty, and mahal palitonon sa bohol…??
      i have to ask you… unsa imo nahuna hunaan nga unang himoon as a first step to address the problem nga imo gi sulti? any ideas??

      actually i think this issue is the best way to start solving the problem that you are stating… it’s called “infrastructure”. by building this bridge, it could help citizens from both provinces to utilize and improve their way of life AND regarding mahal nga palitonon, it may lower down these cost in some way kay sayon ra man kaayo pag adto sa cebu for some less expensive items nga imo gi ingon…

      let us open our minds a little bit, instead of our mouths…

  2. Marlo Rayon Hallasgo Marlo Rayon Hallasgo April 7, 2015

    Hinaut unta nga naa nay tulay nga magsumpay sa Bohol og Cebu para dili na lisod para mas makasave ka pwede na kung mag motor ka or Bus.
    Malaki talaga ang maitutulong ng Bridge nayan kung sakali na matuloy yan lalo na rin sa Ekonomiya ng Bohol , mas nagpapadagdag payan ng mga visitors from Cebu .. Usa sad nga advantage sa maong tulay kay kung naay mga Activities in Bohol or in Cebu .. During SINULOG daghan na gyud ang maka adto sa Cebu kay dili na lisod ang pagsakay if naa nay Tulay , and versa also during SANDUGO , daghan nang mga sugbu-anon ang maka witness sa maanindot nga pagsaulog .. Proud to Be a Filipino , PROUD TO BE A BOHOLANO .. 🙂

  3. andrei andrei April 8, 2015

    please make this happen in our lifetime.

  4. Saijem Saijem April 8, 2015

    Shame! If your taking inabanga water then why not connect it to inabanga instead. We are sharing less water up to now and you are going to distribute it to cebu instead. Will, wellcome to the world who ever had money and power wins- just saying!!!

    • soon soon April 12, 2015

      dili na lisod tubig diha kay madevelop naman ang tubig sa inabanga sayang lang sa dagat lang paingon , una gyod mo mabulanhan kay naa na dako income inyo lunsod mao ni gamiton sa pagdevelop sa inyo lugar…

    • Dante Dante June 5, 2015

      @Saijem…. they are talking about building a bridge to connect cebu and bohol. i am sure inabanga is also in bohol and surely it will also benefit from it. jetafe is the closest town/city in bohol so thats where the bridge should go… as far as i know mai utak din siguro ang mga enhinyero why they select jetafe instead of anywhere else in bohol.

      your preference of having it in inabanga may cost the bridge twice than what it will cost connecting it to jetafe. unless you will shoulder the added cost to have the other end of the bridge be in inabanga, then maybe that will be more feasible…

  5. Saijem Saijem April 8, 2015

    Oooppsss!!! Can you guarantee in the people of bohol that electric prices won’t raise at all? I doubt it.

  6. gilia gilia April 8, 2015

    First heard this project during BCRIP days by the late Gov. Aumentado, wish to be implemented sooner so good to be during son’s term or during my lifetime! For I don’t worry about wavy/rockin boat rides!

    • Nap Nap April 9, 2015

      The ex- governor was saying criminals from cebu will be coming to Bohol if the Bohol-Cebu Bridge would be realized. Mr. Ex-Gov., are there no criminals in Cebu traveling to Bohol now while there is no bridge yet ? The very advantage of having a direct link to Cebu via the projected bridge is the commercial trading between these two provinces turning into a handy exercise. Farm produce and other products can be easily transported by trucks with less hassles and it saves time. People can commute to Cebu anytime of the day rather than by air or boat that depends on the weather not to mention the economic comparison of the fare. Mr. de la Serna should know that the closer the link between places, the more it boost the economy on those places.

      • Fer Ios Fer Ios April 19, 2015

        You should know de la Serna by now. He has a negative mindset to positive developments and ideas especially when he is not link to its conceptual stages. Just ignore him.

  7. Monina Monina June 5, 2015

    Since this will be a private funded project, am pretty sure they will put up a TOLL GATE! How much would the TOLL GATE FEE would be – Any guess??

  8. san san June 7, 2015

    ang purpose sa New Bohol Airport mao ge aprov ug dali2x karun is para naay kwarta cla sa 2016 election. . .ug nganung maghemu pman ug airport sa panglao nga maghimu man kha ug bridge sa cebu w/c is ang Mactan airport is an international airport?duol nman lng kaau ang mactan-bohol so dha nlang mactan manakay ug eroplanu ang mga pra bohol…

  9. Alberto Ebai Alberto Ebai June 7, 2015

    na consider pud kaha ang earthquake fault ani? Pila kaha ka bilyones gastuhon ani sa construction plus maintenance unya makas-ahan ra simbako sa linog, na malunod ra sa dagat ang tanan.

  10. SafetyFirst SafetyFirst June 8, 2015

    Ngano INFRASTRUCTURE man gyud ang PABORITONG proyekto sa atong mga leader??? Please learn to prioritize. Unaha sa palihog pagsugpo ang ILLEGAL DRUGS sa atong Probinsya. Daghan na kaayo krimen nahitabo diri sa atoa even mismo sa syudad. Please— before ta maghuna2x og miracle bridge.. unaha sa ang SAFETY sa katawhan. Salamat.

  11. Del Del June 9, 2015

    gibayaran ang mga politician para dili e approve nga mosulod ang Gaisano or SM sa Bohol.kung pasudlon pa nila ang Gaisano or SM sa Bohol,daghan mahatagan ug trabaho.dli unta magdrugs.saon,mga corrupt maning atong opisyales sa Bohol.pwera lang sa tarong.

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