Ex-governor wary about selling water to Cebu

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Ex-governor wary about selling water to Cebu

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Dela Serna
Dela Serna

Former Gov Victor dela Serna reinstated his stand that supplying water to Cebu through the Cebu-Bohol Friendship Bridge should be designed to avoid draining the natural resources of Bohol.

Dela Serna pointed out that development planners should prioritize the communities around the water source in Bohol, instead of giving more importance on benefitting Cebu.

The former governor also warned that the bridge might only make it easy for criminals from Cebu to travel to Bohol.

Dela Serna shared the sentiments of top-rated DyRD Inyong Alagad listeners in expressing reluctance to the project.


He also commented on the slim chances of project implementation as it requires huge funding.

For his part, Second District Rep. Aris Aumentado earlier said the project wll require private investors to finance the project as the government is not ready to finance the gigantic project.

The proposed 21-kilometer friendship bridge connects Getafe in Bohol and Cordova in Cebu and is designed to make possible water, electricity and internet linkage.

Excess water from Bohol will be sent to Bohol through a pipeline that will be carried on the bridge.

In return, excess power supply from Cebu will be transmitted through the bridge.

Internet cables from Cebu-based telephone company branches will also be carried on the bridge.


A random survey conducted during the top-rated “Inyong Alagad” program of DYRD showed majority of the Boholanos in favor of the proposed bridge between Cebu and Bohol.
Economic prosperity will be direct result of the bridge to both provinces, the respondents said.



  1. soon soon April 12, 2015

    ex .gov .dela serna mabaw ra kaayo iya rason ngano dili sya uyon sa mao project….

  2. ruffy ruffy April 19, 2015

    This is a good sign of forward thinking development. We give all our support to Cong. Aris Aumentado.
    Other countries even have longer connecting bridges than this proposed project.
    The former Governor must know that the attitude and lifestyle of the his time is not the same as what it is now.
    Criminals are wise that even without bridge they come and go to where they think there are opportunities.
    We leave the crime busting to the PNP who are there to serve and protect. This project must go although
    it remains to be a dream at the moment.8

  3. josh ford petaliar josh ford petaliar April 27, 2015

    Baligya na hinuon nga hinay man gani tubig sa tagbilaran ug mo brown out walay agas ug wala jud action sa syudad ug sa bohol water…actioni pud intawn na..

  4. vir_a vir_a April 28, 2015

    Water is a renewable resource. When rainy season come, there will be more water. In fact, our water just go back to the sea without being utilized. To maximize use of water, we need to build more dams and reservoir in order to use it first before it goes back to the sea. In this bridge program, we will benefit more than the Cebuanos, especially in the real estate sector. There could be more real estate development in Jetafe, Inabanga and Talibon as it will take less time to travel from Cebu to Bohol than from Cebu City to neighboring towns. Access to Cebu International Airport will be easier and faster. Our agricultural products will have easy flow to Cebu market and to the Cebu ports. We should think of bigger benefits than wallow with our parochial habits and attitudes.

    • isidoro montisano isidoro montisano July 11, 2015

      I agreed 100% with the construction of the bridge since it will be a great shorter time connection between the two islands. Furthermore, people landing at Macatan airport can drive to Bohol very fast cancelling the actual terrible road way to reach the sea port plus couple of hours to reach Tagbilaran. Crazy. To maximize and save the fresh and rain water, many dams has to be constructed made of steel reinforced concrete by expert italian contractors.

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