Mutya bets believe values halt crimes, internet for good

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Mutya bets believe values halt crimes, internet for good

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MUTYA SA TAGBILARAN 2015 candidates with reigning crown holder Geraldine Topsnik.

A number of Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2015 candidates believe strong values can help deter crimes, even rape, and social media is a powerful tool for positive advancement.

Lack of values among young people must have dragged them to bad acts and lawlessness, according to Sheree Ann Ciruela, the Poblacion 2 bet for the much-coveted annual city beauty-brain crown.

Internet wonder shrink the world as it make widest people and idea connectivity faster, but to Jennifer Lynne Winters representing Dao, social media also demands responsible use.

The beautiful, young Mutya title hopefuls shared their thoughts as they answered questions of varied topics during their pre-lenten Press Presentation and “Darling of the Press” Selection at the Bohol Tropics here.

Representing Tagbilaran City’s 15 barangays, they appeared in luscious dresses without losing decent femininity which gave them a more stunning look.


When sought for his opinion on the recent rape-murder of a pretty college girl here, Ciruela blamed the “lack of strong sense of values” as one “common” culprit for such a brutal crime.

She also considered it a common reason for drug abuse, even pinpointing to the “lack of love, guidance and support” especially from the parents of the young victims of the social menace.

Manga’s Lady Arlia Lumantas said the Mutya pageant is significant precisely because it helps them guided to becoming good role models and inspire others.

But while heinous crimes have many women for vulnerable victims, Taloto contestant Sunshine Tutor opposed death penalty because life is still “the most important thing in this world.”

When asked what she thinks is God’s greatest gift to the woman, Tutor remained consistent about life, saying it is the gift “to give birth” which no man can deliver.

Regarding the power of social media, like facebook and You Tube, as a communication tool that can even influence the negation of values, the Dao candidate Jennifer Lynne Winters cautioned not to “post videos of other people out of foolishness.”


Winters said “we have to think before we post anything on the internet and we have to be responsible because each one of us has a stand in life and we are not in a place to judge and discriminate and bully other people.”


If given the chance to be an ambassadress of goodwill and promoter of a proposed Tagbilaran-Panglao boulevard-tourism hub, Tiptip entry Reneith Alturas said she would promote the project also by the influence of social media.

She would use the social media in explaining both the perceived benefits and disadvantages of the project.

But Alturas was also and quick and frank in adding that the place cannot be at pace with development if environment is the only balance of policy, to the extent of not building infrastructures that enhance progress.


Christine Ponce of Poblacion 3 cited social media as potent avenue to also promote Tagbilaran tourism if ever the Mutya title, which one responsibility is to endorse the city’s fine image, would be hers on judgment day, April 24.

The Sandugo Shrine in Bool, which happens to mark its fiesta today and tomorrow, remains a major city attraction despite the historical conflict with Loay town as to where indeed had the Blood Compact taken place hundreds of years ago.


Asked how could she promote Tagbilaran’s interest against Loay’s claim, San Isidro bet Patrice Marie Visaya did not see any problem with it.

She said “the shrine is there, located in Bool, and it does not matter if Sandugo happened in Loay” because Tagbilaran (itself) is tagged the City of Friendship,” which is precisely the essence of Blood Compact being a treaty of friendship.


To a query of what, aside from his looks, could have made Mayor John Geesnell “Baba” Yap II so appealing to lady voters, Ma. Mercedes Cutanda of Dampas replied that he is “not only handsome but has the leadership.”

She added that the youthful mayor does not only lead the youth, “especially the girls caught by his attention,” but he is also firm to transform the city and its people into being prosperous.

Cogon bet Darlene Galao described Tagbilaran an “amazing” city with an “amazing” mayor, explaining why “we experience unity today.”

The most desirable trait of the Tagbilaranons are their being “beautiful people inside and out,” according to the candidate from Dao in a related answer to a separate question, and she hoped the place can also reign as a “City of Peace.”

The crown aspirant from Manga said he would tell the world there are more to Tagbilaran than crimes, citing the city’s good and friendly people and nice spots.


As signs of dry spell get more imminent, the San Isidro candidate urged to conserve water, adding that it should be a habit even without El Niño because water is used daily, precious to everyday lives.

The Cogon bet adviced not to text while driving to avoid accident that can even endanger other lives.

Gender equality is a relevant concern, according to Booy’s Jorgene Daguplo, and she believed that the Women’s Month (March) is just an ordinary month since “everyday is a women’s day”—and that men be reminded of things that women can best do.

On the Fallen 44, she felt “secured” because they died “for us, to protect us, our country, in order to have peace.”

Made to choose between intellectual capability and social intelligence, Christine Ann Juguan of Dampas picked the latter because with it she could “connect to people, learn more about their lives and their problems while having more of the former would mean “I’m closing myself to reality.”

Dealing with a hypothetical question of how, using three strategies, she would spend P1 billion to promote the city to the tourists, she personally thought that more money is not needed “because we are already a beautiful city, we have resources and we have people to promote Tagbilaran.”

But since she “ought” to spend the huge buck, she would use it to restore churches, for the education of those who cannot afford, and rehabilitate the city hall.

While the St. Joseph Cathedral and other churches depict “how we are grounded with our values,” a nice city hall could suggest the quality of its government, she said.

Bool candidate Careen Jane Pilayre favored an election reviving the SK and recognizing the youth sector as a force for positive change.

On tourism, she would promote Saulog Festival as a celebration of joy of what Tagbilaran has and more that make it a proud city.

The girl from Dao supported the K+12 program of the DepEd to make Filipino students, especially in public schools, globally competitive.

On politics, the candidate from Tiptip would not vote for Manny Pacquiao for senator, much less president, saying that his having brought great pride to the country as a boxing legend would be enough.

The Mutya presentation to the media was facilitated by Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin, city information officer, president of the Bohol Toastmasters Club (BTC) and herself a former city beauty titlist, and pageant choreographer Joseph Alexis Cadelina.

City Administrator Leonides Borja, representing the mayor, and some other BTC officers and members also attended the event, which was graced by the reigning Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2014 Geraldine Topsnik who, notwithstanding her crown and prestige, is often seen commuting by habal-habal.  (Ven rebo Arigo)

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