No ‘sacred cows’ in illegal drugs: Chatto

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No ‘sacred cows’ in illegal drugs: Chatto

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Gov. Edgar Chatto is clear and firm that there are no “sacred cows”—even relatives, friends or supporters— in the anti-drug, anti-crime fight which he wants the police to intensify.

Daily police operations and arrests elsewhere in the province have reinforced the public view of capitol’s uncompromising policy and marching order to be biting.

“Real relatives, friends and supporters are those who are willing to take part in the advocacy and responsibility for a drug-free, crime free Bohol,” the governor said.

Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio II said namedroppers in desperate attempts to save themselves at the expense of innocent officials cannot expect the governor to be by their side.


Weeks earlier, although apparently not related to drugs, a swindler used Chatto’s name in soliciting from a businesswoman here P20,000 purportedly for aid to senior citizens.

The businesswoman would have sent the money thru cash transfer had she not thought of verifying by contacting Chatto’s wife, Balilihan Vice Mayor Pureza Veloso-Chatto, who is a friend.

During his regular media forum “Kita ug Ang Gobernador” on Friday, Chatto reiterated his both personal and official commitment to help those who go to his office on genuine, legitimate concerns or needs.

But “when it comes to illegal acts, pasensiya na lang mo,” he said without hesitation.

Usual critics over the week feasted on the arrest in Dauis of a suspected lady illegal drug pusher who allegedly dropped the names of the governor and the administrator to save herself.

Police investigation revealed that the suspect has been into illegal drugs and had once exposed a former lady mayor and defeated gubernatorial candidate to be allegedly also involved in the illegal activity.


The police further learned that the suspect had once worked for her former boss as the latter’s private secretary and trusted aide.


As it is false, it is so grossly unfair even to insinuate that the suspect has the protection of the governor just because she is now an enemy of her former master who happened to run but failed against Chatto, according to other capitol officials.

It is amusing to note, they said, that the consistent detractors against Chatto are heard on radio programs believed to be financed by the defeated gubernatorial bet and other contributors from anti-capitol camp.

They said that what makes these people worse is that they are “putting political color to shabu.”





Pursuant to the governor’s marching order to the PNP led by Provincial Director Dennis Agustin, the war against illegal drugs in Bohol is all-out and has, therefore, no exemption, Damalerio said.

Chatto has no problem with being considered a friend by his supporters or people from all walks of life who have come to him for help, many of them he could even hardly remember.

But anybody from them turning out engaged in the lawless drug trade is an entirely different story that “has to be dealt with accordingly, with the full force of the law,” the governor said.

“We even consider friends our harshest critics, how consummate liars or perfectly irresponsible they may be,” Chatto said.

But, the governor repeated, illegal drug trade remains a public enemy and must, therefore, get beaten at all fronts.

Not long ago, a son of a habitual critic was nabbed for shabu and capitol’s help was sought to free him, but the request was, of course, thumbed down, according to Damalerio who was himself also contacted by a member of the suspect’s family to intervene.

The administrator commended the police and other law enforcers for their intensified busting of drug rings and other crime groups.


With the glaring conspiracy against any gaining efforts of the government, the governor warned of likely more black propagandas and other forms of demolition considering the coming 2016 election.

Not just Chatto but his group expected this early of potential widespread lies, deceits and intrigues against them as detractors and foes seem in a hurry to fool the people and, hopefully, make them hate their leaders.

The conspiracy, Damalerio said, includes the obvious pattern of calling the governor and his close associates as drug protectors each time a raid or buy-bust succeeds.

This is totally untrue and ill-motivated to discourage the Boholano community to heed to the governor’s call to cooperate in the crusade against drugs, the administrator said, adding that it is even out to sabotage the police effort.

The governor maintained, however, that good deeds are a good politics against those who “blame others for their frustrations of own making.”

He encouraged the Boholanos to think and do positively because they are what their province needs, “not the blockers and jealous individuals.”

With emphasis of selfless servant leadership which has become the mantra of his governance, the governor said positive minds think best for others and positive doers work for others’ benefits.

“Blockers always oppose ideas, they may be good or bad.  Jealous persons feel mad at the success of others and rejoice over others’ misfortunes,” Chatto said. (Ven rebo Arigo)

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