Ex-mayor arrested for murder; no bail

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Ex-mayor arrested for murder; no bail

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FORMER REBEL. Former Jagna Mayor Exeperio Llloren arrested yesterday in connection with alleged killings during his stint with the Communist Party of the Phils./New People's Army (CPP-NPA) when he went underground after the declaration of Martial Law in 1972.
FORMER REBEL. Former Jagna Mayor Exeperio Llloren arrested yesterday in connection with alleged killings during his stint with the Communist Party of the Phils./New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) when he went underground after the declaration of Martial Law in 1972.

*Arrest order surprised Ex-Mayor Lloren

A former town mayor who used to be actively involved with the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army (CPP/NPA)  is now under detention after a warrant for his arrest was served at his residence in Jagna town yesterday morning.

The arrest order specified that no bail recommended.

Three term Jagna Mayor Exuperio “Eksam” Lloren was ordered arrested by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued by Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 32 of Manila Presiding Judge Thelma Bunyi-Medina for 15 counts of murder.


Lloren gave himself in to a combined elements of the Provincial Public Safety Company/Special Weapons Action Team (PPSC/SWAT) led by Police Superintendent Nicomedes Olaivar, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Bohol personnel, Military Intelligence Group7 (MIG7) headed by Lt. Colonel Adolfo Espuelas, Jr. and 2nd Special Forces (SF) Battalion led by Captain Omar Wynn Gonato.

Issued on June 11, 2015,  the warrant of arrest stems from murder charges filed against Lloren together with Jose Maria Sison et al under Criminal Cases Nos. 08-262163 and 14-306533 – 14-306546 with no bail recommended.

Jose Ma. Sison is the founding chair of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and is now living in exile in Utretch, Netherlands and is tagged by the United States government as “person supporting terrorism”.

The Supreme Court in an en banc decision dated February 11, 2014 ordered the RTC Branch 32 to “proceed with dispatch” the hearing of Criminal Case No. 08-262163 with Ocampo to remain on temporary liberty under the same bail granted by the Supreme Court.

Ocampo, a journalist, activist and politician was a party list representative of Bayan Muna for three terms. He went underground during the Martial Law years and co-founded the National Democratic Front (NDF). He ran for senator and lost in the 2010 elections as guest candidate of the Nacionalista Party.

PNP CIDG Chief, Director Benjamin Magalong confirmed the arrest of Lloren and was quoted by the Journal Online that the arrest was in connection with the discovery of mass graves in 2006 in Inopacan, Leyte where the victims believed to be summarily executed by the New People’s Army.




At Camp Dagohoy. Lloren told The Chronicle he was very much saying “I believe in the rule of law and as a former public official I have to respect the process of my arrest”.

Lloren also commended the arresting team for their strict adherence to the rule of law and the utmost courtesy accorded to him as a former public official.

At the time of his arrest, Lloren together with his wife, former Jagna municipal councilor Nimfa Lloren were in their residence in Brgy, Pagina, Jagna when their household help admitted the arresting officers into their house at 10.50AM.


According to a spot report signed by Jagna Chief of Police Police Senior Superintendent Luciano Quio Kinilatan, the former mayor did not resist arrest and was informed of his constitutional rights. Lloren was immediately brought to camp Dagohoy in Tagbilaran City for booking and investigative requirements/proper disposition.

According to Lloren, the alleged crimes were committed in the mid 80’s and were dismissed for lack of witnesses by a trial court in Samar but was refiled under the Anti Subversion Law.


The 9th Congress repealed RA 1700 known as the Anti Subversion Law in September 24, 1992 through RA 7636.


The SC decision stemmed from the discovery of 67 skeletal remains in a mass grave on August 26, 2006 by the 43rd Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army at Sitio Sapang Daco, Brgy, Kausilihan, Inopacan, Leyte.

Lloren was implicated by a witness who testified that Ocampo allegedly ordered Lloren in 1965 to execute in his presence Juanita Aviola, a suspected government spy whose remains was among those found in the mass grave.

On March 6, 2007, RTC Branch 18 of Hilongos, Leyte presided by Judge Ephrem Abando ordered the issuance of warrant of arrests to 54 named members of the CPP/NDF/NDFP for 15 counts of multiple murder with no recommended bail for their temporary liberty.

Upon the declaration of Martial Law in September 21, 1972, Lloren together with a number of known activists, his future wife, Nimfa Abaya, former priest Nick Ruiz and future wife Paterna Merlas went underground for 20 years.

When he went back to the normal stream of society, Lloren joined politics in later years. He first served the town of Jagna as a barangay captain of Pagina and became the Association of Barangay (ABC) president that gave him a seat as councilor in the town’s Sangguniang Bayan.

He got elected as Jagna mayor in 2001.  As town mayor for nine years, his sterling leadership among the town executives got him elected as  president of the League of Municipalities, Bohol Chapter. After his third term, he run and won as vice mayor during the 2010 elections.

Lloren is scheduled to be transferred to Manila today to face trial. (CMV)


  1. Just Asking Just Asking June 15, 2015

    WHY ONLY NOW? He never went into hiding..He was Mayor for 3 terms (yes, the people liked him that much and he was one of the best who managed his town and very much active in serving his townmates even when out of term already). He has an FB account, He has a Linkedin account. He was an awardee as a Mayor on a TV station Channel 4, govt owned at that. He never denied the fact about his political inclinations. So WHY ONLY NOW????

    Case against him and JOMA? Where is Joma?….pry only on the ones who cannot fight? Why pry on the ones who has turned himself already in by serving his people? As usual ung mahina lang ang kinakaya. Ung mga NPA ba ng bumaba sa bundok at nagsurrender ng armas…kinakasuhan din? Bakit ung nanilbihan ng maayos pa kakasuhan?

    Ang daming corrupt na politiko…pinagnanakawan ang bayan…ung ang habulin nyo.

    I just cannot understand the sense of justice in the Philippines…seems like real justice will never prevail.

    – comments from a bewildered citizen

  2. victor odarve victor odarve June 17, 2015

    Let the law takes its own. He may be found innocent or guilty. There is no need to worry for he can defend himself.

  3. Elf Elf July 11, 2015

    This doesn’t make sense. How did the court established that the guy is guilty? Just because of a witness? What if the witness is just a political tool? Have they done DNA analysis of those discovered in the mass graves? 15 counts of murder after a few decades… I really hope his arrest is based on solid evidence and not just some witness. No wonder Philippines is still f*cked up and is now getting f*cked by China…. because it is run by the incompetent and the corrupt!!!

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