LP dominates city w/ weak opposition

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LP dominates city w/ weak opposition

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UNITY TICKET. It's an unbeatable team up of Mayor Baba Yap and Vice Mayor Toto Veloso (LP) with their dream team of 7 re-electionist-kagawads and 3 newcomers.
UNITY TICKET. It’s an unbeatable team up of Mayor Baba Yap and Vice Mayor Toto Veloso (LP) with their dream team of 7 re-electionist-kagawads and 3 newcomers.

The ruling Liberal Party in the city shows early dominance for the 2016 polls after the group of former City Mayor Dan Lim failed to come up with a complete slate until the filing of the certificates of candidacies (COC) came to a close last Friday.

Meanwhile, former City Kagawad Edgar Kapirig filed his COC for city mayor as an independent bet while Dr. Alfred Hontanosas also filed as an independent bet for vice mayor.

The unity ticket of re-electionist Mayor John Gessnell “Baba” Yap II and Vice Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso fielded seven re-electionist city councilors with three new comers.

The Yap-Veloso political wedlock is completed by the council slate of re-electionist Kagawads Adam Jala, Jojo Bompat, Pepot Besas, Dodong Gonzaga, Dulce Glovasa, Jerry Pabe and Betty Torralba while the new comers are Engr. Ondoy Borja, businessman Greggy Gatal and businessman Jonas Cacho.


The group of Lim, meantime, fielded Poblacion I Barangay Captain Arlene Karaan for city mayor with no running mate for vice mayor amid speculations that she will be substituted before Dec. 20.

The group of Lim filing under the Partidong Masang Pilipinas (PMP) has five bets for city kagawads, namely re-electionist Kag,Lucille  Lagunay,  Manga Barangay Captain Leda Saco, Booy Barangay Cap[tain Eutorgio Telmo, Jr., Paterna Ruiz and Mary Liene Shaene Karaan.

Three filed their COCs for city kagawad as independent bets, namely Vicente Polinar, Jewel “Toto” Siazon and Dionisio Torralba,

There were attempts of former Mayor Lim to put up a strong ticket against his nephew, Mayor Yap. For several weeks, he tried to drumbeat his support for the tandem of City Councilor Gonzaga and Vice Mayor Yap. However, this attempt crumbled when Yap and Veloso sealed their tandem to come up with the so-called “unity ticket.”


During a press conference held last Friday during the 38th birthday of Mayor Yap, the new LP tandem forecasts to have more progress in the city


Such  progress is seen by  Gov. Edgar Chatto and Rep. Rene Relampagos not just for Bohol’s lone city but whole province especially if  the administration slate led by presidential bet Mar Roxas and running mate Leni Robredo  will sweep the 2016 polls.


The Bohol LP giants voiced this bold hope in the luncheon gathering of leaders, supporters and friends for the Yap-Veloso unity card

It was the first time that the entire ticket of the newly-minted unity in the city was seen -very much unlike the others.

Yap and Veloso thanked for the efforts which worked out for the unity ticket which at the early stage appeared to be a toll order for Gov. Chatto and Rep. Relampagos to seal.


A harmonious  obsession for progress is expected to result in  greater confidence, according to the tandem which is one of the most politically  potent  in  Tagbilaran politics, according to some observers.

Chatto, LP provincial chair, vowed to  insure more “city progress” in tandem with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan chaired by vice governor Conching Lim.


Relampagos said the “unity in the city” was  a mayor’s birthday gift to the constituency and their faith—-“a gift of Baba and Toto to the people of Tagbilaran.”

The solon foresaw “a clearer future” for the city come and past the May 2016 election “as we always support  PNoy’s straight path by supporting Mar and Leni.”

Yap himself cited the “Boholano” in presidential bet Roxas who was—and has been— by the Boholanos’ side during the  epic earthquake episode  that  hit the  province exactly two years ago lastThursday, October 15.

Veloso rallied the Tagbilaranons to appreciate the development programs under the Aquino leadership which has enhanced the growth of this capital city of booming province. The best way to express this appreciation is to support the Roxas-Robredo tandem in the coming election.

During the presscon, the Yap-Veloso team presented certai advocacies  involving governance reform, revenue generation which even this time is region’s ablest, tourism, education, social welfare, peace and order and others.

Yap, who is seeking his second term  as mayor again cited the proposed establishment of a city college that will benefit the children  of those who are  economically “least, last and lost.”

Veloso committed to a legislature that maintains  a check and balance as he commends Yap’s declared respect for the wisdom and independence of the Sangguniang Panlungsod or city council.

Kagawad Gonzaga, who had himself fought Yap for mayor in the 2013 election, described the Yap-Veloso oneness as a “sign of political maturity”.

Gonzaga said the unity and cooperation is an “enduring gift” on the mayor’s birthday to the people of Tagbilaran.

The city and provincial slates are minting by their team tags alone—“Team BaTo” and “Team ChaCo”—which respectively stand for Baba and Toto and Chatto and Concepcion, the latter which is the first name of the reelectionist vice governor.

The LP-Tagbilaran group has welcomed social media supporters thru #asensopamore and #bato2016. (With reports from Ven rebo Arigo)

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