AGAIN, VIGILANTE? Police characters shot dead

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AGAIN, VIGILANTE? Police characters shot dead

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In another vigilante-style execution, another police character in the city ended up biting the dust Friday night.

After the Friday night murder, another personality with police record for past offenses was killed last night along Tamblot St., this city.

In the latest shooting incident recorded at around 7:45 last night, the victim was identified as Gail Hilario Racho, 40 years old, brother of former Poblacion 1 Barangay Captain Niño Racho.

According to the city police officers, the victim had once been reported as having abused nubain, an injectable drug, and implicated in theft. But those were old cases.


Based on initial investigation, the victim boarded a tricycle from Gallares Memorial Hospital and arrived Tamblot St. a few meters from the corner at CPG Avenue.

He crossed the street to pee, but a man on board a motorcycle came. They had an altercation, then a chase followed and the unidentified man shot him.

The victim sustained a gunshot wound just below his right armpit and died on the spot.

The Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) recovered two empty shells of caliber 45.

In another shooting incident last Friday, PO3 Silvan Palacio of the Tagbilaran City Police Station identified the victim as one Marcelito Araco, also known as Litoy, a resident at Tamblot St. in purok 8, Barangay Cogon.

According to the victim’s wife, Mary Anne, Araco had once been involved in theft and that he had been a drug user.


At around 10:05 pm of November 27, the city police station received a call from Charles Borja, through radio, informing that a victim of shooting incident was found along J.P.Rizal St. in Barangay Cogon.


A team from the city police comprising SPO1 Gmiefel Pellazar, PO1 Janrey Narciso PO1 Krislam Baguil and duty investigator PO3 Silvan Palacio then immediately proceeded to the area and found the victim at the side of the road, bloodied.

The TARSIER 117 (Telephone and Radio System Integrated Emergency Response) team, led by Shara Jabines, came to rescue the victim, but the victim was already dead.

Based on initial investigation, the 29-year-old victim was a noted thief.


According to residents nearby, they heard a burst of gunfire at around 9:45 p.m., then a loud fading sound of motorcycle leaving the area, and the same sound of motorcycle coming again—must be the same gunman coming back—then another burst of gunfire.

They heard five to six successive gunshots, and the victim even shouted for help, but the gunman finished him.


Palacio said that the victim’s wife told him that at around 8 pm, her “husband went out of the house to buy food. But an hour later, she received an information that her husband was shot and killed by unidentified suspect”.

She said her husband had also been arrested in the past for illegal possession of firearms.

The wife further said “she believed that her husband was killed because of his previous crimes which is theft and alleged that someone had told the victim not to roam around the area at night time for it would be risky to his life”, according to Palacio.

The scene of the crime operatives (SOCO), led by PInsp. Jovani Abregana recovered 11 empty shells of 9mm ammunitions, one caliber 9mm live ammunition and one bullet fragment.

The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds—two in the head, one on his back and one on the right hand—and was brought to Holy Name Funeral Homes for further examination from by medico-legal.

In Tubigon, a man in his 20’s was found dead at around 12 noon yesterday.

Based on initial investigation, the victim was driving a motorcycle and the gunman, also driving a motorcycle, must have followed him and shot him.

The victim sustained a through-and-through gunshot wound in the head, and four gunshot wounds in the body.

The SOCO recovered empty shells of caliber 45 from the crime scene.

The victim was brought to the Holy Name Funeral Homes in Loon, but as of press time, nobody came to claim the body as no identification document could point to his identity.

On November 10, another alleged noted thief and drug personality was shot dead just at dawn.

The victim, Marvin Ingles, also known as Baloy, a resident of Barangay Guiwanon, Baclayon sustained gunshot wounds in different parts of his body, including the right and left portions of the face, one in the neck, two in the right chest portion, two in his left and right portions of his back and one in his left palm.

Based on initial investigation, the city police received the report of a shooting incident at around 1 a.m. that day, along J.A. Clarin St. near Camp Dagohoy.

In response, a team from the city police station, led by Chief of Police George Vale, along with PInsp. Rosemarie Avenido as officer of the day, PO2 Rofel Mendoza as duty criminal Investigator; and members of Quick Response Team–headed by PO2 Lopos together with PO1 Junrey Narciso, proceeded to the area.

Upon arriving at the scene of the crime, onlookers had already swarmed the area, while personnel of TARSIER 117—led by Bryl Dolauta—assisted the bloodied victim lying by the roadside.

Based on further verification, a police officer stationed at the Bohol Provincial Police Office on duty then heard a burst of gunfire at around 12: 55 a.m. nearby Camp Dagohoy.

This prompted him to go outside the gate to check it, and saw a man clad in black jacket, black helmet with maong pants walking towards a black motorcycle and hurriedly left away the place of incident.

He said he saw the man heading to Tamblot Extension to the direction leading to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The man could be the lone gunman.

In the report of the BPPO during the meeting of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) on November 26, there had been 11 shooting incidents recorded during the period, November 1-23.

Of the 11 incidents, the police attributed two to illegal drugs, two to personal grudge, while the motive in seven cases remain unknown—although the incident in Tubigon was initially linked to politics and land dispute.

Tagbilaran City topped with five shooting incidents where one was injured in a drug-related case, and four were killed in cases of still unknown motive.

Danao area followed in the ranking with two incidents where the victims were killed—one drug-related and the other was attributed to personal grudge.

One shooting incident was recorded in Candijay—attributed to personal grudge.

One shooting incident was recorded in Sierra-Bullones, and another one in Buenavista—both with still unknown motive.

The one in Tubigon was officially recorded as one with unknown motive, although it was initially attributed to politics and land dispute where the victim was identified as one Engr. Ermelando Torregosa, the political adviser of the LP candidate for mayor in Buenavista, Roseller Bañez.

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