Homeless foreigner caught stealing

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Homeless foreigner caught stealing

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A once “wealthy” European expat enjoying the good life in the tourist island of Panglao ended up wandering the streets, scavenging.

Either a failed relationship as he claimed it, or the vices did it.

He came in October 2012 and life was beautiful until his health started falling. Now, he has nothing.

Personnel of the Tagbilaran station of the Bureau of Fire Protection caught him in the act of rummaging through their lockers at around 4 a.m. on February 7.


The following day, he was found sleeping on a bench at Plaza Rizal across the St. Joseph Cathedral in the city.

Actually, it was not the first time people see him in public places like a vagrant.

The personnel of BFP in the city managed to get some personal information from him.

He was asked to write down the information on the logbook where he indicated that his name is Johannes Mlineristsch, born on July 2, 1957 and his address back home is Breitenfurterst 489124 A-1230 Vienna, Austria.

He also wrote Lieselotte M. when asked for his mother’s name, and Reinhart M. as his brother. He also wrote the email add, “reinhart@mlineritsch.com”.

He wrote Helmut’s Place, Tawala, Panglao when asked where he used to live in Bohol.


He also told the BFP personnel that his Facebook account is Hannes Daorong.


When asked who he knew in Bohol, he wrote “Tourist Police, PNP, Poblacion, Panglao”.

When asked why he stole things, he said he already lost all his belongings.

According to the BFP personnel they already suspected he was the one who burglarized their station in the past, but it was only on early morning Sunday that they finally caught him red-handed.


The following day, a passerby saw him at Plaza Rizal and took a photo and shared it to a Facebook user to draw the attention of officials so that foreigner would get help.

The post expressed concern about signs of ailment in his physical appearance—swollen legs, and open wounds on the arms.


The FB post caught the attention of Bohol residents and drew sympathy.

Concerned citizens reacting to the post appeal to government officials to reach out to the Austrian embassy so that the foreigner could go home and be given medical attention.

Some said they had seen the Austrian guy roaming around the city for several months already.

A medic of the TARSIER 117 who saw the FB post said she had once attended to the foreigner one time last year upon seeing him outside BQ Mall clutching his stomach in pain, but refused to be taken to a hospital.

She said she watched over him for a few minutes until she was sure his condition had stabilized.

In their conversation, she said Mlineristsch told her that his Filipina girlfriend had “left him hanging” if that explained his condition.


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