Duterte-Cayetano meet Boholanos

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Duterte-Cayetano meet Boholanos

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PRESIDENTIAL BET PDPLBN Rodrigo Duterte with running mate Alan Peter Cayetano.
PRESIDENTIAL BET PDPLBN Rodrigo Duterte with running mate Alan Peter Cayetano.

The “Road to Malacanang” campaign of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban (PDPLBN) presidential standard bearer Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte and his vice presidential candidate Senate Majority Floor Leader Alan Peter Cayetano who is running as an independent will hit Bohol today with campaign rallies in two towns and Tagbilaran City.

The much awaited arrival of Duterte dubbed by Time Magazine as “the Punisher” for his zero tolerance policy against criminals and Cayetano, a sworn enemy of graft and corruption in his more than twenty years of public service is expected to draw tens of thousands of supporters and volunteers from the estimated 798,000 Boholano voters.

Boholanos gave Cayetano a resounding 2nd place in the 2013 senatorial elections with Grace Poe topping the list and her vice presidential candidate Chiz Escudero landing 5th in the twelve senatorial slate.

Thirty-six days before the May 9, 2016 elections, Bohol is the 22nd province visited by the Duterte-Cayetano (DC) tandem  since the start of the gruelling 90 day campaign period, as shown in the “Road to Malacanang” interactive map of the party’s campaign trail.



The half day campaign, according to a public advisory released by the Duterte for President Movement Coordination Council on the grand political rally of the DC team and the local PDPLBN slate, will kick off at 1 PM with a motorcade from the Ubay airport after the arrival by chopper of Duterte’s party from Cebu to the Ubay gymnasium.

Former Bohol Provincial Police Director, Retired General Arturo Evangelista together with Salvio Makinano of the Duterte for President Movement Coordinating Council and Danny Van Delima, Barangay Poblacion Secretary will welcome Duterte’s party at the Ubay airport.

Evangelista was the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Region 11 Regional Chief based in Davao City during the term of Duterte.

PDPLBN vice gubernatorial bet, Senior Board Member Dionisio Balite, Reelectionist 3rd District Board Member Godofreda Tirol and Dionisio Victor, son of Balite is expected to be proclaimed during the rally in Ubay.

From Ubay the DC party will head to Tagbilaran and will land at the Tagbilaran City Airport at 3:30 PM and will pay their respects to Bishop Leonardo Medroso of the Diocese of Tagbilaran before leading a motorcade from the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Taloto.


The motorcade will make its way to CPG North Avenue – Visarra St. – Gallares St. – Lesage St. and will end at the Tagbilaran City Square, according to the public advisory.


Another rally will be held at the Tagbilaran City Square along CPG Ave. at 4:30 PM with PDPLBN candidates for different elective positions expected to be proclaimed by Duterte.

But it will be a different political rally that Boholanos will witness, according to PDPLBN Provincial Chair and Panglao Mayoralty candidate Dr. Dororeich Dumaluan.

“There will only be two persons on the stage – Duterte and Cayetano, unlike the traditional arrangement where party candidates will crowd on the stage while the main guests are delivering their speeches”.


Campaign speeches of the party candidates will be delivered before the arrival of Duterte and Cayetano, according to Dumaluan.

Duterte is expected to proclaim PDPLBN candidates for 1st district Board Member Donald Sevilla, Christopher Bangalao and Manuelito Buma-at.


After the Tagbilaran City rally, Duterte and Cayetano will head for Panglao for the grand proclamation rally scheduled at 7PM of two former Mayors, one who will be running for Mayor – Dr. Dumaluan and the other former Mayor who is running for vice mayor – Benedicto Alcala.

Eight PDPLBN candidates for municipal councilors will also be proclaimed – Boy Arbilo, Maning Arbuyes, Rogelin Degoma, Pinggoy Dumaluan, Alex Estomo, Tintin Estoque, Zinon Labaya and Baga Mijares.


For the 1st District of Bohol, candidates who filed under the PDPLBN, according to the COMELEC list of local candidates are: Mayor (M) Alburquerque Eugenio Salibay; Corella Mayor Fabio Ontong, Jr. and Vanessa Macarayes for Vice Mayor (VM); Antequera VM Lanibel Labado; Dauis Victorio Migrino (M) and Jobert Bomediano (VM); Panglao Dumaluan (M) and Alcala (VM)

For the 3rd District: 1) Alicia Leonardo Manolo (VM); 2) Anda Angelina Simacio (M) and Nilo Bersabal (VM); 3) Batuan Francisco Pepito (M) and Precious Baguio (VM); 4) Dimiao Aniceta Ucang (VM); 5) Duero Ronald Felisilda (M) and Polienoto Bernadas (VM); 6) Garcia-Hernandez Tita Gallentes (M) and Cesar Madelo (VM); 7) Guindulman Albino Balo (M) and Ma. Fe Piezas (VM); 8) Sevilla Juliet Dano (M) and Richard Bucag (VM) and 9) Valencia Edgardo Namuag (M).

No candidates for elective positions in the second district filed their Certificates of Candidacy under PDPLBN.


According to Dumaluan, candidates who filed their Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance under the PDPLBN but deserted the party and affiliated with other political parties will not be proclaimed during the rallies today.

PDPLBN candidates who switched loyalties and are now considered under UNA or the Bohol United Opposition are Gubernatorial bet Loay Mayor May Imboy, 3rd District Congressional candidate Che Delos Reyes, 2nd District Mayoral candidates Esther Tabigue, Mabini; Helen Alabe, Loboc; Danny Guivencan, Dimiao; Simplicio Maestrado, Jr., Sierra Bullones; Ricardo Toribio, Carmen and Nita Cubrado, Pilar.

Bohol has 48 towns and one city with 15 towns and one city in the 1st district, 14 towns in the 2nd district and 19 towns in the 3rd district.


Duterte whose unrelenting drive against drugs and other forms of criminality is expected to focus on his campaign promise to suppress crime, spread of drugs and corruption within 3-6 months including the return of the coconut levy within his first 100 days.

His other priority program is to call a constitutional convention within the first year of his term to study the shift to a federal form of government.

A veteran in public service, Senate Majority Floor leader, Alan Peter Cayetano will share with the Boholanos his experience in his fight against graft and corruption in government which is the hallmark of his entire political career.

A better life for the poor Filipinos, the rallying cry of his presyo, trabaho, kita (PTK) program to reduce prices, create more and better jobs and raise incomes to enable families to enjoy the benefits of a growing economy.

The thousands of Duterte volunteers and supporters has pinned their hopes in the words of PDPLBN President Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel, Jr. “The time has come for a Mindanaoan will sit in Malacanang. The son of Mindanao has risen”. (Chito M. Visarra)


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