No. 1 service: Guv’s office

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No. 1 service: Guv’s office

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The survey rated number one the Office of the Governor among the “top government offices of which the Boholano voters were most satisfied,” followed by the City Treasurer’s Office, Carmen Registrar’s Office, Anda COMELEC Office, City Registrar’s Office, Alburquerque Treasurer’s Office and Dauis Senior Citizen’s Office.

In different areas of governance, Boholanos gave the Chatto-Lim administration performance ratings far bigger—from four points higher to 22% increase—than during the Bohol Poll last year.

The provincial government hauled a net satisfaction rating of +66 as against the +44 in the past survey in promoting tourism; +46 from +32, protecting the environment; +28 from +15, providing livelihood opportunities and employment; and +23 from +11, support for the promotion of agriculture.

Boholanos also rated higher than in last survey their satisfaction in capitol’s performances in promoting investments, ensuring adequate food supply, protecting life and property, and controlling graft and corruption.


“Three-quarters (76%)” and “majority of the Boholanos were satisfied with the provincial government in its effort to promote tourism and investments,” respectively Bohol Poll results stressed.

On how they foresaw their lives 12 months from now, the Boholanos, across variables, gave “high net optimism” to get better.

“Only few agreed” to this survey-given statement, “Adunay miingon nga wala na gyoy paglaum ang Bohol. Kung mahimo lang molangyaw ko sa laing lugar.”

Even sustaining peace and order is gaining higher confidence from the people so that “close to half” of the Boholanos now have “much trust” in the Bohol PNP and been “satisfied” of its fight against illegal drugs.

“Majority” of the Boholanos were also “satisfied” of the police performance in curbing other forms of criminality, the survey said.





The remarkably high performance rating of the Governor’s Office came with an identical high acceptance and voters’ preference ratings for both Gov. Edgar Chatto and Vice Gov. Concepcion Lim forecasting a landslide victory in the May polls.

The tandem will win by landslide while the province under their Daang Matuwid tandem has achieved far higher in many areas of governance, according to the latest Bohol-wide survey.

The Bohol Poll 2016 validated the Boholanos’ desire for continuity of a leadership that has delivered its development agenda in consistent stride to the fulfilment of the province’s vision of sustainable, inclusive growth.


Released by the Holy Name University Research Center (HNU-RC) on Friday, the survey results likewise effectively showed that the people dumped the black propagandas against the governor and the gains of the province.

As a reelectionist gubernatorial candidate, the Chatto already posted a “huge lead” of 84% over his foes while amassing a “high” net trust rating of +81, said the Bohol Poll which was done on March 12-April 4 this year.


The local campaign opening week was included in the period of the survey, which also gave his runningmate, Lim, a net satisfaction rating of +62, higher by 11 points than her +51 last year, and 87% higher awareness level than her opponent.

In the 3rd District alone, from where Lim and her contender both hail, 67% of the voters chose the reelectionist vice governor over her foe (31%), “resulting in Lim’s victory if the elections were held today,” the survey said.



Humble and modest as usual, re-electionist Gov. Chatto prized the consistent high people’s trust as a “greater driving force” to aspire for what Bohol and the Boholanos deserve more and best.

In the Gubernatorial Candidates Forum organized by the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) also on the day the Bohol Poll results were released, Chatto presented some major developments in the making and to come.

All these—and more–explain for the provincial Liberal Party’s (LP) confident campaign on the platform of continuity of tested and proven leadership by accomplishments, competence, integrity and credibility.

After assuming governor in 2010, Chatto had Bohol acclaimed by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to be at the top among the “Best Governed Provinces” in the country for two successive years.

For three consecutive years thereafter, the DILG conferred the province the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” and, ultimately last year, its first “Seal of Good Local Governance,” a higher recognition of the competence and integrity of an LGU.

Under Chatto, Bohol also received the “Presidential Local Government Heritage Award or Gawad Pamana ng Lahi” and many other good governance and best practice honors and recognitions, both nationally and internationally.

Government and public service fellows regarded the people’s great confidence in Chatto, who is seeking for his third and final capitol term, as a testament, too, to his legacies as congressman then that have hugely contributed to development and people’s welfare.

They cited Chatto’s National Tourism Act of 2009 or Republic Act (RA) 9593 which has further caused or created the DOT-DPWH Tourism Convergence Road program, Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) and Duty- and Tax-Free Merchandising System for Tourism Purposes.

Chatto’s separate RA 9446 declared Bohol province as an eco-cultural tourism zone.

His RA 9772 created the Bohol Island State University (BISU), with main campus in Tagbilaran City and satellite campuses in Bilar, Candijay, Clarin, Calape and balilihan, so that BISU System Pres. Elpidio Magante addressed him the “Father of BISU.”

Chatto principally authored, too, the nationalization of Panglao island circumferential road, for which the present two bridges linking Panglao island and Tagbilaran City were also constructed, thru RA 9345; Antequera-San Isidro-Libertad, Tubigon road, RA 9992; and Balilihan-Hanopol-Batuan road, RA 10040.

Now as governor, Chatto has been acknowledged by fellow governors as the “brain and hand” of the KALSADA, an unprecedented national incentive for local road management program.

The implementation and completion of the new Bohol airport project in Panglao in his term is one legacy of surefire multiple economic benefits to the island-province, especially boosting tourism and generating jobs of no prior equal degrees.

For his capacities, Chatto himself was conferred the “Lingkod Bayan” and “Dangal ng Bayan” Awards, the two highest honors from the Civil Service Commission, and reputed to be the first and only elective government official ever to earn both feats in the country.

To those who know Chatto up close and personal, his high constituent trust in the heat of the electoral exercise has further proved that all demolition works against him by political opponents and paid black propagandists have miserably failed. (Ven rebo Arigo)   


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