Surging Duterte

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Surging Duterte

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jayLike a storm surge that tags along a howling typhoon, Presidential candidate Digong Duterte is visibly gaining momentum among the  electrified electorate.

This is a tight race among four presidential  candidates namely Duterte, Poe, Binay and Roxas.

In the final homestretch, we ultimately look to see two candidates who will fight neck and neck.

There is only  one though, who will make that sprint in the final stretch.


What we are seeing is the start of a consolidation of forces who will gravitate to one candidate  in the dying days of the election’s campaign season.

We are reaching the crucial stages of the campaign.

I have felt a gravitating force that focus on candidate Duterte.

Just this week , I channeled to the proper headquarters local candidate for mayor who wanted to be adopted under PDP Laban. At this late hour?

What do we see in the Duterte campaign?

Digong is not the candidate of the establishment, certainly.


He is also not the candidate of the incumbents.


We also do not see financial backers with deep pockets funding his candidacy, although we are certain there are a lot just lurking behind the scenes.

The force that is pushing his candidacy comes from somewhere else.

There are just people who are drawn to Digong’s message of fighting crime and drugs.


It is a message that resonates to many.

Safety and security is a major concern to many, specially to overseas workers who are worried about family members left behind who many fall victims to criminals, or worse, fall victims to drug peddlers.


Many also believe that crime and corruption  are of utmost importance which the next president should address.

With less than a month to go before voters troop to the polling booths, we come to the period where  undecided voters begin to make up their minds on whom to vote.

It is thus very crucial for candidates to stay on their message and make sure it is relevant to the voter.

Digong is a candidate to be seriously considered.

A long time mayor, this means he is very fit  to head an executive officer, which the presidency is.

Not only that.

Duterte is advocating federalism because he knows very well the benefits if government power is decentralized among the local governments.

Duterte has track record. He cleaned up Davao.

I have relative by affinity who had witnessed the gory days of violent Davao.

Davao has come a long way to peace.

Speaking of peace, Duterte is a seasoned peacemaker.

Among the four candidates, Duterte is the most capable of putting rebels —Moro rebels and the NPA– and government  on the negotiation table to sincerely discuss peace.

Lastly, the people see Duterte’s appeal as a man of the masses.

He isn’t elitist. Neither are his advocacies.

He is believable when he says he never engaged in corruption.

He lives a simple life.

People see him as sincere in his desire to help.

In the homestretch of the campaign, Duterte is candidate to watch. (By Atty. Jay I. Dejaresco)

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