LP dominates in Mayor, VM

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LP dominates in Mayor, VM

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The Liberal Party (LP) tightened their political grip in Bohol as majority of their candidates were leading their opponents in the May 9, 2016.

In the 48 contested positions for mayor, the LP candidates were ahead in twenty six towns, while elected positions for vice mayors, almost half came from the ruling party.

As of 1:30 this morning, unofficial results from the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) accredited citizen’s arm showed that eighteen LP incumbent mayors were outpacing their rivals.

Nine LP candidates for mayor have a head start over their rivals while fourteen sitting vice mayors are maintaining leads with thirteen vice mayoral bets leading in the elections.


In the 1st district, incumbent mayors John Geesnell “Baba” Yap of Tagbilaran City, Jose Mario Pahang of Antequera, Pureza Chatto of Balilihan, Virgilio Lurot of Catigbi-an, Dauis Mayor Miriam Sumaylo and Leonila Montero of Panglao are holding significant leads over their opponents with Sikatuna Mayor Jose Ellorimo, Jr. running unopposed.

In the 2nd district, incumbent mayors Allen Ray Piezas of Clarin, Roygie Jumamoy of Inabanga,Toting Auxtero of Talibon, Judith Cajes of Trinidad are making headway in their reelection bids while Ricardo Suarez of Sagbayan is running unopposed.

In the 3rd district, reelectionists Marnilou Ayuban of Alicia, Norman Palacio of Bilar, Jing Sales of Candijay, Connie Amparo of Duero, Bicbic Abrenilla of Jagna and Maria Katrina Lim of Valencia are holding on leads over their challengers while Rina Salazar of Lila is running unopposed.

LP candidates for mayor in the 1st district are also strongly in contention – Alfren Charles Tungol, the son of Alburquerque Mayor Efren Tungol, incumbent Vice Mayors Nelson Yu of Calape, Iven Lim of Cortes, Elvi Relampagos of Loon, Mer Arocha of Maribojoc and come backing former Tubigon Mayor William Jao.

In the second district, the LP candidates are also leading the race for mayor in President Carlos P. Garcia with Eping Gamay Estavilla and in the 3rd district with incumbent Vice Mayor Wilson Pajo of Pilar and Antonio Jumawid of Batuan.

In the vice mayoral derby the LP candidates ahead of their political foes are Tagbilaran City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio “Toto” Veloso, Cayetano Doria, Jr of Alburquerque, Victoriano Torres of Alicia, Leo Jadulco of Antequera, Arnold Calamba of Bilar and Sulpicio Yu, Jr. of Calape.


Also in the running are Jing Sales of Candijay, Romeo Bigay, Jr. of Carmen, Aparicio Velden of Clarin, Jose Cepedoza of Danao, Lulu Bongalos of Dauis, Mapay Bajade of Duero and Lito Dajalos of Garcia Hernandez.


In front of the competition for the 2nd highest seat in the municipality are Ronie Jumamoy of Inabanga, Dodong Virtudes of Jagna, Arturo Piollo ll of Lila, incumbent Loon Mayor Lloyd Peter Lopez, Jose Veloso of Maribojoc, Pedro Fuertes of Panglao, Renato Sente of CPG, Charito Lao of Sagbayan, Fredo Buslon of Sierra Bullones and Jul Manigo of Sikatuna.

Final results of the May, 2016 elections are expected to be complete today, Tuesday, May 10, 2016(Chito M. Visarra)

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  1. Lykkebo Lykkebo May 11, 2016

    Vote buying the work of evil
    When a candidate even for mayor is willing to buy your vote for 2000-3000 pesos, do you not have a second thought? What is his real aim of becoming the mayor in your town? Your uwan-uwan of 2000 pesos is worth nothing as compared to his/her hiden agenda. Using a minimum of 30million pesos to win the cadidacy? Hey! People when will you wake up! For these elected candidates who won because of vote buying, I have no respect on you.
    “I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate” – George Burns
    For those election loser because they believe in honesty, I salute on you. You are the real winners, the people who did not believe on you are the real losers. People you sold your soul to the devil. You are the Judas of the modern world. Honest candidates, take it as a challenge, it is just 1092 days before the next battle. No one can draw down a great person. Your aim was and is to change the mentality of the voters but failed this time. There are still many next time chances and changes.
    “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts” – Arnold Bennett
    To those candidates who won through honesty, keep up the good work and congratulations!

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