Flooding besets several areas

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Flooding besets several areas

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A woman carries her son from school in Jagna as water rises due to heavy rains. 

The successive late afternoon downpours reminded for the nth time, the City Engineer’s Office to fast-track the drainage system that has been lagging for years behind the target completion.

The downpours were sudden and usually heavy that just a few minutes some portions of J.A. Clarin St. within barangay Dao are flooded.

The City Engineer’s Office had already explained that ongoing road concreting projects already include drainage system along the road shoulders.

However, the J.A. Clarin St. leading to Corella is a national road.


In other areas like the Lamdagan St. leading to the City Airport the City Engineer’s Office attributed to clogging of canals by trash.

The City Engineer’s Office earlier admitted it is difficult to completely solve the Lamdagan flooding during heavy rains, since the area is low-lying.

The city government is yet to purchase a pump to drain floodwater.

Commercial districts like areas surrounding the City Square, the areas around Cogon Market- -including the Lamdagan area, and the areas around the Island City Mall have also been areas of concern.

In areas with concrete buildings and concrete roads, the rain water could not seep through the ground.   

Until now, the drainage system in the city still has no exit which is yet impossible because of the lack of a wastewater treatment plant.


It would be an environmental hazard if water from the drainage system directly flows to the sea as the exit without first passing the wastewater treatment plant.


Next to Tagbilaran, Panglao has been beset by the wastewater issue, though flooding has been a remote problem.

There are big beach resorts that already has wastewater facilities, but it remains a grave concern on the part of the municipal government as some portions of the offshore areas along beach resorts have been positive for cauliform already. The

The local government of Panglao has long been prodded to coordinate with DENR on timetables to enforce appropriate regulations.


Floodings in the town of Jagna are worse as it rose to one inch to half-way to knee-deep.

Most affected are the schoolchildren who have to walk to and from the schools.


Also, floodings during rainy days are evident in commercial districts attributed to clogged canals.

Catch-basin areas like the town of Loboc, especially the areas near the Loboc River, are always being monitored during heavy rains.

Loboc River water level easily rises in events of torrential rains.

The municipal disaster risk reduction and management team of Loboc and the Boheco-I hydro-power dam in Ewon, Sevilla are also constantly coordinating as the flood gates of the dam have to be gradually opened during torrential rains.

Since the water from Ewon Dam go straight to Loboc River in the downstream, the MDRRMC has also constantly reminded all residents along the riverbanks and the rest of the low-lying areas nearby to take precautionary measures.

They have to “stock enough food, charge cellphones, and always monitor the water level of the river”.


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